Rift Update 2.7: Binding of Blood

Dragons may run rampant, but four new souls will help guide you to victory.

The latest RIFT update is on the horizon and with it comes a plethora of additional features and changes worthy of any Ascended of Telara. On May 7th, prepare to enter RIFT Update 2.7: Binding of Blood.

One of the biggest additions to come with this new update is the arrival of the four new souls which include the Arbiter (Mage), the Physician (Rogue), the Liberator (Warrior) and the Oracle (Cleric). These four new souls will be available in the RIFT store when the update goes live, but if you're looking to approach these new souls from a more lore-based perspective, new quests will be added to the game that explores the origins and mysteries behind each soul.

Additionally, the new PvP battleground—the Greenscale Warfront—and more Tier 3 Raids will be coming as well. This time players will be battling the dragons Laethys and Maelforge in an attempt to bind them before they cause permanent harm to the world of Telara.

If you're looking for a more light-hearted way to spend your time during the new update, the annual Summerfest event is making its way back around this year, bringing all of your favorite quests, battles, scavenger hunts and rewards along with it. Players will also have the chance to aid a majestic unicorn in a week-long unicorn frenzy. Treat these steeds nicely and you may get a chance to ride one. However, if unicorns aren't exactly your "thing," the infamous Hellbugs will be making their way back to Rift in celebration of Defiance Season 2. If you want to ride in style, keep your eyes peeled for the return of the Hellbug mounts and minipets.

Last, but not least, this update comes wrapped in a ton of UI changes that should mainstream and add quality of life changes to the existing user interface.

For more information on RIFT Update 2.7 you can view the official news post here! As always, keep it locked to ZAM and Rifthead for all of your RIFT information.

Good Hunting!

Corey "Cyglaive" Jenkins

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