The Elder Scrolls Online: Reddit AMA Recap

The Zenimax team answered player questions on Reddit on May 1st.

The Zenimax team gave a Reddit AMA on May 1st on Elder Scrolls Online. The Reddit user “dulfy” did an amazing job summing it up and you can see his full transcript on Reddit. You’ll find a summary below of the main points breached in the AMA.

New Content/Features

  • Big updates will happened every 4-6 weeks and include new content and fixes
  • Guild Kiosks will be available for guilds in each major cities. The guild with the highest bid will have their guild store accessible to everyone who interacts with the NPC. The Guild Kiosk lasts for one week.
  • Justice system will involve players stealing/killing NPCs and incurring a bounty if they are caught. Guards will give you a chance to pay the bounty or kill you on sight if your bounty is too high. Players could also become guards.
  • Thieves Guild & Dark Brotherhood will have their own skill lines
  • Future updates will include armor dyes (tied to achievements), chat bubbles (soon), guild ranks and customizations (this year), guar mounts
  • Housing is planned but with no time frame yet
  • No specific timeline for the guild tabard crests, but they are on the "sooner" end of the list


  • Quest achievement bugs will be fixed when Craglorn goes live (and will be retroactively granted)
  • Existing zones will get new quests
  • You can go to Craglorn at VR1 but it will be hard since it is VR11 and VR12 monsters
  • They talked about different rulesets for campaigns as well as having a dungeon experience which has PvP enabled
  • With the raise of VR cap from 10 to 12, there will be new gear to craft but currently they do not require additional skill points


  • There are some changes to heavy armor coming that will make you generate ultimate more quickly when playing defensively
  • Werewolves are under-performing right now and will be tweaked
  • Batswarm for Vampires will be fixed in a near future patch
  • For patch 1.2, they are looking especially at helping to add flexibility to builds with some buffs to the lesser used abilities. For the Nightblade, this includes abilities such as Master Assassin, Path of Darkness, Incapacitate and more.
  • Group phasing fixes is one of their high priorities right now and new content should be much easier to play together as a group
  • Durability damage will be reduced in group situations
  • Mentoring system is something they are working on as part of the "let players find each other more easily" initiative
  • SLI support and Full screen option should be available with Craglorn update


  • Better Leader Chevrons to direct players in PvP coming with patch 1.2
  • They are aware of Vampire issues in Cyrodiil and some changes are coming next week
    • Fixed the bug where multiple Bat Swarms can be stacked on the same Vampire
    • Reduced the movement speed bonus during mist form to 30% (which makes it equivalent to the "Boundless storm" morph of Lightning form)
    • Reduced the Vampire ability cost reduction to 7% per stage
  • In the US, a lot of players are using the guest pass to join any fight they can find in the higher population campaigns; however, in the EU, players are continually sticking with their home campaigns. Guest pass timers and cost for switching campaigns is currently being monitored.
  • For the first patch they’re doubling the amount of XP that players are worth. They will be watching this data closely to see if another increase is necessary.
  • They are adding a population underdog bonus in the first patch that will give the lesser populated alliances in a campaign triple the points for owning objectives in Cyrodiil as well as 10% more Alliance points. They’re also investigating additional campaign durations and rules that may limit campaign access based on levels.
  • Dark talons is currently bugged and can hit more targets than intended
  • They are also setting up the Elder Scroll so that Bolt Escape cannot be used by its carrier
  • They are looking into infinite loading screens and large group freezing/glitching

There is now an interactive map of Craglorn available on the official website.

Guilhemette "Whilhelmina" Giacopazzi


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