Elder Scrolls Online DLC Announced

The first DLC pack will have players adventuring and going head-to-head inside the Imperial City.

Bethesda today announced the first DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited! Due out on August 31st for PC and Mac, September 15th for Xbox One, and September 16th for PlayStation 4, the Imperial City DLC will be included for active ESO Plus members (unless your membership lapses) or can otherwise be purchased for 2500 crowns in the Crown Store. The whole DLC will be freely available on the PC/Mac PTS later this month for testing.

Located at the heart of the Cyrodiilic Empire, the Imperial City has fallen into ruin, claimed by Molag Bal's forces. It is comprised of six Imperial Districts, the extensive Imperial Sewers network, and the White-Gold Tower at its center. The dangers of Imperial City and the Sewers below are best suited for small groups of adventurers, but highly skilled warriors have been known to strike out on their own. While exploring and fighting your way through the Imperial City, be prepared to face not only Molag Bal's forces, but also enemy players from the opposing alliances.

Rewards that are unmatched in power await those who are brave enough to enter the Imperial City and claim them. Fight Molag Bal's personal guard, the elite Xivkyn, and other invaders from Coldharbour to win Tel Var Stones, the currency used to trade for mighty Veteran Rank 16 armor sets. But be on your guard—enemy Alliance members lurk around every corner throughout the Imperial Districts and Sewers. Should you fall to an enemy player, they can claim your hard-earned Tel Var Stones in their own quest for glory.

With the DLC players will have access to the entire Imperial City, which has both PvP and PvE content for level 10+ players. There are six districts to the city which will have new quests, two new group dungeons (Imperial City Prison and White-Gold Tower) which have both normal and veteran versions, as well as the Imperial Sewers, which is a PvP public dungeon. Imperial City also features new collectibles, items sets, and the Tel Var Stone system.

A new base game patch will also hit at the same time, which will be available for free to all TESO players regardless of whether or not they own the DLC. This patch will have bug fixes, improvements, and more. A few of the listed features include 100% more experience in public dungeons, 20% more experience in Craglorn, a Veteran Rank increase to 16, the Glass racial motif style, new crafting skill line passives, and combat balance changes.

Some pre-launch events will usher in the Imperial City DLC, which will be announced on the official site, and livesteams will pop up on Twitch occasionally during the testing window.

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor


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