Introducing ESO Outpost!

This public auction house is prepared to fulfill all your ESO trading needs.

We're thrilled to announce the official launch of! This heavily-requested service allows players to trade gold and items using a web-based interface and companion add-on. ESO Outpost plans to fill the void of no official Elder Scrolls Online public auction house with a fully featured, user-friendly experience.

Using the add-on, which is available through and the Minion client, you can generate a code based on an item in your inventory and paste it into the site's trade creator. You can then choose to trade the item (or gold) for other items, materials, gold or any combination thereof. From there the trade appears on the site, and is easily searchable using one of the many filter/quick search features.

Each individual trade also features:

  • Customizable description field for more product info
  • Optional screenshot attachment
  • Dedicated comment section
  • Views and bookmarks tracking
  • 'Bump-to-the-top' feature
  • Report feature
  • Post-trade Feedback

Everyone has a profile that displays basic trading stats and reputation, which doublesas a dashboard and allows you to view and manage multiple trades. The site also has a notification system which tracks comments, offers, and any activity on created and bookmarked trades.

We hope you enjoy everything that ESO Outpost has to offer!

Micheal Bailey, Director of Content


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