RIFT: New Mini-Game with Minions

Tired of Telarans leeching off your hard-earned glory? Put your new Minions to work!

Neophobics beware! Trion Worlds is mixing it up in RIFT. To make resource-gathering a little more fun, they're introducing the system of Minions! (Coming October 8th with Nightmare Tide)

In the form of trading cards, pair your Minion cards with adventure cards for them to do. After waiting a while, voila – adventure complete! Your minion gains XP and – if you're lucky – lots of gear:

"Your minions can return with crafting materials, Dimension items, artifacts, or Notoriety. In other words, you can use minions to do some of your harvesting, help you earn rep, and find free Dimension items for you."

There's plenty to consider when sending Minions on missions: matching attributes, difficulty rating, and stamina. You can get your Minions pretty much anywhere you'd find normal loot drops. Your minions are shared between all characters on a server cluster.

Props to Trion for what sounds like a really neat system! It's much more compelling to manage your favorite trading cards than grind away. For any other details, check out the official post.

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
Deputy Editor


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