Cape Jule (Rift Quest Series)  

Cape Jule
Quest Series
Starting ZoneCape Jule
Rec. Levels50 to 52
Previous Kingdom of Pelladane
Next City Core
Tempest Bay
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Rift 2.0: Storm Legion
Nov. 13, 2012

Quest Series
Quest lists direct from our database: All Story, Onslaught, Carnage and Daily quests in this zone increase Notoriety with The Lycini.


  1. Split: beginning at Daemon Loci
  2. Together: Dame Tajlora Aurentis - at Tulan
  3. Tulan Awaits
  4. Traversing Tulan
  5. The Enigma
  6. Storm Offensive
  7. The Soul Prison
  8. Tempered Technology
  9. Departure:
  10. Dame Mari Batici - at Sanco Outpost
    1. (51) Mission Infiltration
    2. (51) Worse Than Death
  11. Dame Tajlora Aurentis - at Tulan
    1. (51) Enemy Territory
    2. (51) Perilous Recovery - awards cloak!
  12. Wrap-up (non-Story): Dame Tajlora Aurentis - at Tulan

The following quest is a Story quest but it seems to be stand-alone.

Abbess Katia

  1. (51) Empyrean Crusade

Daemon Loci

Hibernia Rainforest

Felfathom Cays

Kelrath Peninsula

Prototype Weapon Component


Big Shirtless Jim

Dame Amika Sembi

Mephitis Bog

Empyrean Artifact

Scoria Pit

Empyrean Artifact

Sanco Outpost

Cambium Loci

Edgestone Ridge

Empyrean Helioscope

Malluma River & Basin

Storm Legion Fishing Supplies

Cliffside Vale

Lost Expedition Gear

Anima Loci

Agrippa Rainforest

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