Sourcewell (Rift)  

Ember Isle

Quick Facts
  • Quest object

This object can be found in Ember Isle.

Quests this object starts or is involved in: Onslaught.

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When the Blood Storm ravaged Telara, five heroes came together and subdued Maelforge, imprisoning him beneath the ground. The titanic energies released created fissures that run from the surface all the way to the Nexus, the molten sourcestone core of Telara. These fissures came to be know as Sourcewells.

Releasing large amounts of pure planar energy, they invoked a feeding frenzy among planar creatures across Ember Isle. Telarans gathered to defend the Sourcewells, and they erected powerful defenses against the monsters. These Telarans became known as The Keepers of the Flame, or simply The Keepers.

Sourcewells are fissures releasing vaporous Sourcestone directly from the Nexus, the molten Sourcestone core of Telara. The Keepers surrounded these with defenses that have, over the centuries, fallen to ruin, but an Ascended, using Nexus Infusion, can repair and upgrade them!

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There is a direct relationship between the number of upgraded defenses at a Sourcewell and the frequency of planar invasions that attack it. You have a choice to make, especially when defending a Sourcewell solo. Do you upgrade another defense and fight more? This will get you the 35 you need for an Onslaught quest faster, but one mistake and you will be overrun.

Planar invaders launch an onslaught on Nykantor Ruins!

When defenses have been upgraded you begin seeing invasions against the sourcewell, but they want you to know when you have some downtime to repair/upgrade, so there is a message, above, then waves of invasions. Sometimes 3 or 4 at once! Then, to signal the rest interval, you will see the following message.

The invaders begin to tire of Nykantor Ruins...

Sourcewell Farming

It does not take a genius to recognize that a fully-upgraded defense net at a Sourcewell makes a wonderful kill-zone. Use it! Drag the surrounding mobs to within range of the turrets and make sure you are in range of the lifesprings. Upgrade the lifesprings first, then the nearest turret. Clear the area around them, then move to the next pair until you get all eight fully-powered. Now spend a few hours in the easy-seat.

NOTE: Building a defense which in turn destroys an invasion or foothold will not earn you credit or loot. YOU must smack the mobs at least once to gain credit.


Today, many of the defenses have fallen into decay and the Sourcewells are under attack again. In the vicinity of each Sourcewell you will find a Keeper who will ask you to help repair the defenses and protect the Sourcewell.

All Onslaughts have the same objective. Defend the Sourcewell by defeating 65 planar invasions.

To defend a Sourcewell, gather Planar Charges to upgrade, and heal, the Keeper defenses. There are three ways to get Planar Charges
  • close a rift (same as always).
  • destroy a Planar Anomaly and bask in the energy released (up to 10 charges over 20 seconds).
  • dropped by nearly all mobs throughout the island (especially those near a sourcewell), but not from Planar mobs.

To get quest updates for the Onslaught, you need to help kill planar invasion mobs. Invasion bosses do not get you more points, so kill all the little mobs first, then the boss, as the little guys vanish shortly after the boss dies. If they get an idol on your Sourcewell you need to kill it but it does not get you any points and does not prevent you from getting points for the other mobs.

You do not have to personally kill every mob, but you must hit each one at least once to get quest credit. If your defenses are strong, just be sure to use lots of AE skills so every mob gets a little bit of hate for you.

Nexus Infusion

To obtain the Nexus Infusion skill, complete the quest The Keepers of the Flame from Darius at Ember Watch. Each use of Nexus Infusion costs one Planar Charge and adds power to the targeted Keeper defense over seven seconds.

There is no reason to put the Nexus Infusion skill on your hotbars, because when you target a defense you get a Power Meter to the right of the target UI with the Nexus Infusion skill in the center.

Keeper Defenses

Each Outpost will have four Turrets, four Lifesprings and one Defense Arch.

LevelTurretsLifespringsDefense ArchesSourcestones
Level 1-3 Defenses are Normal mobs, but Exceptional defenses are Elite. Exceptional Defense Turrets and Lifesprings also summon 2 Keeper Sentry defenders.

When a turret has a target everyone can see the large blue and purple target ring so you know who the turret is attacking.

Upgrading Defenses

Upgrading a turet
Upgrading a turet
It takes six ticks of Nexus Infusion to upgrade the level of most Keeper Defenses (You get seven ticks per cast so you get a little extra on the end).

Defense Arches require three uses of Nexus Infusion to go from Debris to repaired. This repaired Defense Arch will show no level number, and the next upgrade will SAY it is level 1, but we know better. To get from level 1 to levels 2, 3 and 4 are only a single use of Nexus Infusion each.

Level 3 Advanced Turrets gain Advanced Turret Shot, reducing damage taken and expanding it's attacks to affect up to 5 enemies. Level 4 Exceptional Turrets can hit 8 enemies at once.

Lifesprings will heal players near the Lifespring (for 100+50/level of the lifespring) and reduce damage taken by the Lifespring. Lifesprings cannot heal Keeper Sentries, nor can they repair other Defenses or themselves.

Level 4 Defense Arches gain Exceptional Radiance, increasing DPS against rift creatures of all those in range.

Upgrading a turret or lifespring to level 4 will summon two Keeper Sentries to help defend it and attack any mobs that enter their aggro range. Upgrading a full outpost to level 4 gets you 16 Keeper Sentries which will do a decent job of breaking down the invasions. Any Keeper Sentry that is killed will respawn a short time later.

Once a turret, lifespring or arch has reached level 4, if it is damaged, further Nexus Infusions will heal it for +2165 per tick (seven ticks per charge).

Turrets at Ember Watch cannot be upgraded above Advanced Turrets (level 3).

Notoriety with The Keepers

Defeating an invasion at a Sourcewell will award a Sourcewell Fragment. When picked up, this increases your Notoriety by +2 with The Keepers. It does not appear in Inventory or Currency (Consume on Pickup).

For each second that you pour planar energy into one of the Keepers' defenses you gain +1 to your notoriety with The Keepers (+7 per full use of Nexus Infusion). Advancing a defense to max level earns an additional +11 with The Keepers, so taking a defense from debris to max earns +37 to +51.

Healing a defense that is already at max level does not gain notoriety, but it does make Keeper Darius smile, and probably saves a kitten... somewhere.

Zone Events

During most zone events, such as The Seed of Change, four Sourcewells will be designated as points to defend. These outposts will get a Crystalized Sourcestone in place of the Defense Arch. At all others, the Defense Arch will be replaced by a planar Idol. The goal is to defeat eight of the planar Idols while defending the four Crystalized Sourcestones.

If you are interested in doing a zone defense, we recommend you form a group up front and pick a Sourcewell to defend. Guilds are encouraged strongly to build a full raid and then spread each group around to a different Sourcewell. Get there early and build all the defenses to max level. Then, just wait for the horn to sound. It is a good idea to drop by Ember Watch first and pick up all dailies that refer to the area you intend to defend and, while waiting, bang them out.


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