Drinks (Rift)  


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A new drink is available every five levels. Each restores Health and Mana over 10 seconds. You must be out-of-combat, and cannot move, while drinking.

Min LevelDrinkRegen over 10 secs
5Fresh Juice418 Health and 539 Mana
10Honey Mead770 Health and 924 Mana
15Mudder's Milk1254 Health and 1606 Mana
20Cheap Wine1639 Health and 2112 Mana
25Fauxster's2090 Health and 2519 Mana
30Sweet Berry Wine2563 Health and 2937 Mana
35Enchanted Water3157 Health and 3366 Mana
40Dwarven Ale3740 Health and 3861 Mana
45Blood Rum4268 Health and 4433 Mana
50Ironpine Melange4829 Health and 5434 Mana
50Isle Ambrosia5795 Health and 6520 Mana
50Brevanic Tea8840 Health and 10180 Mana
55Dusken Dark Roast11710 Health and 10950 Mana
60Qaijiri Grog15630 Health and 14770 Mana
60Torvan Stout20690 Health and 15940 Mana
Rift 2.0: Storm Legion
Nov. 13, 2012

† added with the Storm Legion expansion.

Overhealing from drinks is wasted, so it is best to choose your drink based on your max HP/Mana.


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