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Historically, an Apothecary is a person who uses herbs and potions for healing patients. Apothecaries also gave medical advice to patients much like a modern day pharmacist. The word is derived from apotheca, meaning a storage place for wine, herbs and spices. In the 13th century, the word Apothecary referred to a person who kept a stock of medicines, herbs and remedies.

In Rift, an Apothecary makes Consumables that give immediate, short-term and long-term benefits. Like many typical MMOs, there are potions that restore mana and health, increase stats or buff your resistance to various magics, while philters can be thrown at mobs to do damage or used to heal an entire party or raid. There are also recipes for rare color dyes that may not be available from dye vendors.

One of the more interesting items made by an Apothecary are philters that heal or buff an entire party in one gulp. One person drinks the philter and it heals the entire party or raid. e.g. Basic Philter of Restoration – heals 500 health to all party or raid members over 30 seconds (requires character to be level 25).

The Apothecary profession goes best with Foraging and Butchering as you'll need plants and some animal parts (bones and teeth) to make items.

  • Dyes - Change the primary or secondary color of a piece of armor or clothing.
  • Philters - Heal or buff your entire party or raid, or damage all mobs within an area of effect.
  • Potions - Restore Health or Mana instantly.
  • Serums - Increase one major stat (Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Agility, Defense or Endurance) for 30 minutes.
  • Tonics - Regenerate Health or Mana over time.
  • Vials - Grants a 1 hour buff that persists through death.
see Consumables


SkillDefiant GuardianNeutral
NoviceIllestro Thindel
Kelari Refuge, Freemarch
Endral Rollen
Argent Glade, Silverwood
Skilled Zatalia Blackroot
Gloamwood Pines, Gloamwood
Expert Jeef Alimor
Lantern Hook, Droughtlands
MasterAjax Mellas
The Manufactory, Meridian
Yelena Gogol
Ruston, Stillmoor
Armond Santiago
Bahralt Street, Sanctum
Sage Rua'mus
The Sagespire, Scarwood Reach
Aleven Everwild
Fortune's Shore, Shimmersand
Grandmaster Akra Bierfarejo
Tuldio Retreat, Kingdom of Pelladane
Kapsiko Kuracilo
Tulan, Cape Jule
Ekrana Fajron
The Canals, Tempest Bay
RecipesRaye Farseer
The Manufactory, Meridian
Bahralt Street, Sanctum
Apotek Peniga
Tuldio Retreat, Kingdom of Pelladane
Freneza Kasi
Tulan, Cape Jule
Kara Konko
The Canals, Tempest Bay



Plants are harvested by Foragers.

SkillResource NodePlant
1Coastal GloryCoastal Glory
1GrieveblossomGrieveblossom Petals
30CreeperbrushCreeperbrush Roots
70RazorbrushRazorbrush Leaves
70KrakenweedKrakenweed Stems
80Golden NettleEvergreen Nettle Stems
Golden Nettle Stems
80DuskgloryDuskglory Petals
115WyvernspurrWyvernspurr Stems
140TattertwistTattertwist Leaves
145Roc OrchidRoc Orchid Petals
180DrakefootDrakefoot Stems
Drakefoot Seed
200BloodshadeBloodshade Petals
225BasiliskweedBasiliskweed Stems
230TempestflowerTempestflower Stems
250Twilight BloomTwilight Bloom Roots

Bones and Teeth

Bones and Teeth are harvested by Butchers.

1-65Cracked RibRotting Canine
65-160Shattered BoneJagged Tooth
140-210Pristine FemurPristine Molar
215-225Hollow BoneBloody Fang
250Darkened BoneFanged Mandible


Distillates are made by Foragers using recipes rewarded by gathering quests.



Workorder Recipe Skill Req. Delivery Zone
Workorder: Lesser Healing Potions Lesser Healing Potion 1 Freemarch or Silverwood
Workorder: Minor Healing Potions Minor Healing Potion 30 Freemarch or Silverwood
Workorder: Healing Tonics Healing Tonic 80 Stonefield or Gloamwood
Workorder: Basic Strength Serums Basic Strength Serum 110 Scarlet Gorge
Workorder: Basic Intelligence Serums Basic Intelligence Serum 110 Scarwood Reach
Workorder: Basic Healing Tonics Basic Healing Tonic 140 Moonshade Highlands
Workorder: Basic Healing Potions Basic Healing Potion 150 Droughtlands
Workorder: Greater Healing Tonics Greater Healing Tonic 190 Droughtlands
Workorder: Greater Endurance Serums Greater Endurance Serum 190 Iron Pine Peak
Workorder: Mighty Strength Serums Mighty Strength Serum 220 Shimmersand
Workorder: Mighty Intelligence Serums Mighty Intelligence Serum 230 Iron Pine Peak
Workorder: Tempestflower Coolant Tempestflower Coolant 300 Meridian
Workorder: Tempestflower Votive Tempestflower Votive 300 Sanctum


See: Recipes

Ally Faction Recipes

The following recipes require a certain zone ally faction to purchase and, for most of them, the required materials will include a Core from the same zone.

RecipeSkill Req'dZoneFactionNotorietyCore
Greater Bottle of Tricks150GloamwoodGloamwood WaykeepersHonorednone
Grand Fireworks170GloamwoodGloamwood WaykeepersHonorednone
Mighty Quickening Brew230Scarlet GorgeQuarry RatsHonorednone
Growth Brew260Scarwood ReachRed Scar TrackersHonoredGnarled Core
Growth Brew260Scarwood ReachIron Claw TrappersHonoredGnarled Core
Sheepish Concoction250DroughtlandsArcane HandHonorednone
Exalted Bottle of Tricks300DroughtlandsArcane HandHonorednone
Exalted Bottle of Tricks300Iron Pine PeakIcewatchHonorednone
Heroic Warding Potion300ShimmersandDragonslayer CovenantHonorednone
Glorified Healing Potion300Ember IsleThe KeepersHonorednone
Glorified Mana Potion300Ember IsleThe KeepersHonorednone

Rift Faction Recipes

The following recipes require a certain rift faction to purchase. There are six Rift factions, one for each of the elemental planes, on each side. Unlike Ally faction recipes, these are the same recipe for both.

RecipeSkill Req'dDefiant FactionGuardians FactionNotorietyPlanarite Cost
Basic Holy Warding Potion160Students of the ValeOrder of Life SereneFriendly150
Basic Unholy Warding Potion160The Grim DisciplesOrder of the Death SerpentFriendly150
Greater Flame Warding Potion180Ember ScholarsOrder of the FlameFriendly200
Greater Tidal Warding Potion180Mercurial SavantsOrder of PurityFriendly200
Greater Zephyr Warding Potion180Zephyrian CollectiveThe Storm InquisitionFriendly200
Greater Titan Warding Potion180The Shale CollegiateMendicant OrderFriendly200
Greater Holy Warding Potion210Students of the ValeOrder of Life SereneDecorated300
Greater Unholy Warding Potion210The Grim DisciplesOrder of the Death SerpentDecorated300
Mighty Flame Warding Potion240Ember ScholarsOrder of the FlameDecorated450
Mighty Tidal Warding Potion240Mercurial SavantsOrder of PurityDecorated450
Mighty Zephyr Warding Potion240Zephyrian CollectiveThe Storm InquisitionDecorated450
Mighty Titan Warding Potion240The Shale CollegiateMendicant OrderDecorated450
Mighty Holy Warding Potion260Students of the ValeOrder of Life SereneHonored600
Mighty Unholy Warding Potion260The Grim DisciplesOrder of the Death SerpentHonored600
Vial of Fire Resistance280Ember ScholarsOrder of the FlameHonored800
Vial of Water Resistance280Mercurial SavantsOrder of PurityHonored800
Vial of Air Resistance280Zephyrian CollectiveThe Storm InquisitionHonored800
Vial of Earth Resistance280The Shale CollegiateMendicant OrderHonored800
Vial of Life Resistance280Students of the ValeOrder of Life SereneHonored800
Vial of Death Resistance280The Grim DisciplesOrder of the Death SerpentHonored800
Heroic Flame Warding Potion300Ember ScholarsOrder of the FlameHonored800
Heroic Tidal Warding Potion300Mercurial SavantsOrder of PurityHonored800
Heroic Zephyr Warding Potion300Zephyrian CollectiveThe Storm InquisitionHonored800
Heroic Titan Warding Potion300The Shale CollegiateMendicant OrderHonored800

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