Crafting (Rift)  

Crafting refers to creating or enhancing items that are used in gameplay.

Basics For Crafting in Rift
  • At the first large camp in the second zone you enter, you should start finding Novice crafters. These are the first Trainers you will need to learn crafting.
  • You may only know three Professions at a time (not including Fishing and Survival).
  • Unlearning a profession to learn another loses all progress in the old profession and starts the new one at 1.
  • You may learn the next title five levels below the max skill of your current title. This does not apply to recipes.
  • Crafting materials kept in your bank are available to you for crafting. They do not need to reside in your Inventory bags. This does not apply to Augments.
Graph showing which Profession works with others.
Graph showing which Profession works with others.

Gathering Professions

  • You can gather materials and resources that can be used to create things with manufacturing professions.
  • No extra items are required to gather materials.
  • Materials can stack up to 50 in one slot.
  • Resource nodes share spawn points.
  • Patch 1.1 increased the number of Resource Nodes and decreased their respawn times

Manufacturing Professions

  • To Manufacture, or refine materials, you must go to a Crafting Station.
  • Nothing besides the recipe and materials are required to Manufacture.
  • Core recipes are gained by buying training from your teacher. More recipes can be bought from NPCs. Some recipes are rewarded from quests.
  • Novice, Skilled and Expert Trainers can be found in small towns and camps.
  • Master Trainers can be found in the cities (Meridian and Sanctum).

Skill Costs

TitleMin SkillPrice
Novice1 10 
Skilled70 50 
Expert145 2 50 
Master220 12 50 
You can train for the next title 5 skill levels before the skill reaches maximum.

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Crafting Achievements

Master Gatherer5
Apprentice Crafter5
Journeyman Crafter5
Dedicated Crafter5
Artisan Crafter5
Supreme Crafter5
Apprentice Fisherman5
Supreme Angler5
Apprentice Harvester5
Journeyman Harvester5
Dedicated Harvester5
Artisan Harvester5
Supreme Harvester5
...Something Blue10
Ouch, that's got to hurt10
Master Crafter10
Feeling Blue10
Rarely Accomplished10
A Rare Feat10
Now You're Just Showing Off20
A True Professional40

Gathering Professions

Butchering involves the gathering of beast hide throughout Telara. Butchering is exceptionally useful for Outfitters. It is also helpful for Armorsmiths and Apothecaries.

Foraging involves the collection of diverse plants and wood found throughout Telara. Foraging is exceptionally useful for Apothecaries. It is also helpful for Artificers and Weaponsmiths.

Miners are skilled at gathering ore and gems from the plentiful lodes found across Telara. Mining is exceptionally useful for Armorsmtihs, Artificers and Weaponsmiths.

Manufacturing Professions

Armorsmithing will allow you to craft plate armor, chain armor and shields. Armorsmiths are also able to salvage armor, which lets them break pieces down to gain crafting materials. Mining and Butchering work best with this tradeskill.

Artificers are the crafters of necklaces, rings, wands and staves. Their unique training also grants them the ability to break these items into raw materials. Mining and Foraging work best with this tradeskill.

Apothecaries are skilled in creating potions, vials and other useful concoctions. Foraging and Butchering work best with this tradeskill.

Outfitters are skilled in creating cloth and leather armor. Outfitters can also salvage armor, which allows them to break down armor into crafting materials. Butchering pairs best with this tradeskill.

Runecrafters are trained to create runes and enchantments to increase the potency of equipment. Their training also allows them to Runebreak, which lets them siphon crafting materials from enchanted items.

Weaponsmiths are able to create any weapon that is not a wand or staff. In addition, Weaponsmiths are able to salvage weapons for materials. Mining and Foraging work best with this tradeskill.

Supplemental Skills


"Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, but teach a man to fish and you'll never get another honest day's work out of him."

With the Fishing skill you can harvest fish from bodies of water throughout Telara, and turn the fish into bait that improves your Fishing chances.


The Survivalist can cook the fish caught by Fishermen, and the meat dropped by beast mobs all over Telara, creating delicious dishes that can restore health and mana, and give temporary buffs, when consumed.


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