Philters (Rift)  


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Philters are crafted by Apothecaries.

Primary Ingredients
5Minor Explosive Philter20Creeperbrush Roots
Minor Venom Philter30Rotting Canine
15Explosive Philter90Duskglory Petals
Venom Philter90Jagged Tooth
20Basic Healing Philter110Golden Nettle Stems and Potent Distillate
25Basic Explosive Philter150Roc Orchid Petals
Basic Venom Philter150Pristine Molar
Basic Philter of Restoration160Tattertwist Leaves
Basic Philter of Vigor160Roc Orchid Petals
Basic Philter of Power160Pristine Femur and Potent Distillate
30Greater Healing Philter170Drakefoot Seed and Pure Distillate
35Greater Philter of Restoration200Drakefoot Stems
Greater Philter of Vigor200Drakefoot Stems
Greater Explosive Philter210Bloodshade Petals
Greater Venom Philter210Bloody Fang
Greater Philter of Power210Hollow Bone and Pure Distillate
40Mighty Healing Philter230Tempestflower Stems and Pure Distillate
45Mighty Philter of Restoration260Basiliskweed Stems
Mighty Philter of Power260Bloody Fang and Hollow Bone
Mighty Philter of Vigor260Tempestflower Stems
Mighty Explosive Philter270Tempestflower Stems
Mighty Venom Philter270Fanged Mandible
50Heroic Healing Philter290Twilight Bloom Roots and Pristine Distillate
Heroic Philter of Restoration300Tempestflower Stems
Heroic Philter of Power300Dark Pith and Pristine Distillate
Heroic Philter of Vigor300Tempestflower Stems
Legendary Philter of Power300Catalytic Essence, Darkened Bone and Pristine Distillate
Note: - Distillates are made by Foragers, Dark Pith is an uncommon drop in Stillmoor, and Catalytic Essence is crafted by Apothecaries from Minor Catalyst. All other listed ingredients are gathered by Foragers. Ingredients purchased from merchants are not listed.

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