Planar Consumables (Rift)  


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In addition to Food, Drinks, Potions and Scrolls, there is a group of single-use (Consumable) items that can only be acquired from Puresource containers. There are seven types of these items.

  • Tablets - Restores Mana and Energy over time. Also increases Strength and Wisdom for 15 minutes.
  • Runes - Generates an earthen shield (ward) giving temporary invulnerability
  • Seeds - Restores an amount of health and increases Endurance over 12 seconds
  • Soul - Deals Death damage and heals you
  • Energy - Deals damage to a planetouched or planebound enemy
  • Flames - Deals 20% of incoming damage back to the enemy for 2 minutes or until a damage cap is reached.
  • Mirrors - Wields the power of Crucia against the enemy, dealing damage and stunning for 2 seconds.

If you are going to use a consumable, use it before using a potion. Healing consumables are on the same timer as healing/regen pots. The reverse is not true, though, so you can use a Seed and still use a healing potion.

Tier (Lvl)DefensiveOffensive
I (1)Timeworn TabletAntiquated Earthen RuneHealing SeedSoul ScrapEphemeral Discordant EnergyMischievous FlameAntiquated Gale Mirror
II (8)Olde TabletStone RuneMending SeedSoul SliverShifting Discordant EnergyNeedling FlameTorrential Mirror
III (18)Ageless TabletGeotic RuneRestoration SeedSoul FragmentEnduring Discordant EnergyVengeful FlameStorm Mirror
IV (28)Ancient TabletAntiquated Igneous RuneRejuvenation SeedSoul ShardEndless Discordant EnergyRaging FlameAntiquated Cyclonic Mirror
V (38)Elder TabletMetamorphic RuneRevitalization SeedSoul RemnantEternal Discordant EnergyWrathful FlameTempest Mirror
VI (50)Archaic TabletPetrified RuneRenewing SeedSoul CrystalEmpyrean Discordant EnergyConsuming FlameCharged Mirror
Rift 2.0: Storm Legion
Nov. 13, 2012

Tier VI was introduced with the Storm Legion expansion.


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