Planar Menace (Rift Event)  

This event went live with Patch 1.4 on August 8 2011 and will end with the 1.5 patch.

After their deaths, the vanquished dragons’ essences exploded into elemental energy. Now their cultists strive to claim the Dragon Mote fallout scattered throughout Telara. The Guardians and Defiant must race to harvest these motes for themselves lest the Abyssal or House Aelfwar reclaim the power of their fallen masters. [1]

Upcoming changes[2]:

  • The daily requiring you to kill a Dragon Mote will change to a weekly reward and increase the rewards, this will allow you to better plan on when you can grow your Mossy Tartagon to maturity.
  • Rifts/Invasions will start dropping the Quintessences (if they reward XP), but with a lower drop rate than Motes.
  • While we’re still on the subject of the Mossy Tartagon, we’re making sure the mount scales with your fastest mount and is useable at any level. It will default to 60 if you don’t yet own a mount.
  • The rate at which Motes spawn will also be increased this should provide a greater opportunity for you to find and kill them.
  • Quintessences will also continue to drop from Rifts/Invasions after the event is over – so you don’t need to spend all your Dragon Tears yet! (Unless you want to of course )

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There are daily and weekly quests available in Sanctum and Meridian; they're the same for both factions and scale to level. Each quest rewards 25 Dragon Tear unless noted otherwise.

Part I: (no longer active)

Part II:

Dragon Motes

Dragon motes are like event footholds that have no mobs. They drop Dragon Tears and have a chance to drop Dragon Quintessence. Here's some video:



Rewards can be purchased with Dragon Tear, the event currency. Guardians see Marty in Sanctum. Defiants see Jun Kallel in Meridian.

Warrior Items
Verdant Maelstrom 1
Dragon Quintessence 100
Gem of Boundless Energy 500
Endless Overgrowth Oil 500
Gil 500
Lesser Encrusted Liferock 100
Encrusted Liferock 200
Greater Encrusted Liferock 300
Exalted Encrusted Liferock 500
Lesser Glittering Liferock 100
Glittering Liferock 200
Greater Glittering Liferock 300
Exalted Glittering Liferock 500
Lesser Coruscating Liferock 100
Coruscating Liferock 200
Greater Coruscating Liferock 300
Exalted Coruscating Liferock 500
Lesser Shimmering Liferock 100
Shimmering Liferock 200
Greater Shimmering Liferock 300
Exalted Shimmering Liferock 500
Tome of Overgrowth 150
Lifebound Staff 150
Lifebound Mace 150
Evergrowing Bow 150
Tome of Overgrowth 300
Lifebound Staff 300
Lifebound Mace 300
Evergrowing Bow 300
Tome of Overgrowth 450
Lifebound Staff 450
Lifebound Mace 450
Evergrowing Bow 450
Tome of Overgrowth 600
Lifebound Staff 600
Lifebound Mace 600
Evergrowing Bow 600
Tome of Overgrowth 20 1000
Lifebound Staff 20 1000
Lifebound Mace 20 1000
Evergrowing Bow 20 1000
  1. ^ Official 1.4 summary
  2. ^ Official Forums

Planar Menace
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Rift: Patch 1.4

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