rift quest:Aelfwar Abomination  

Planar Menace
World Event

Rift: Patch 1.4
This quest is part of the Planar Menace event.

This quest is a Daily and is recommended for a group of 3 players of level 50. it is given by Gherressa, in Sanctum, and Ayaneen Shijah in Meridian.

Objective: Search for a Lesser Dragon Mote and collect the Mote-Touched Heart of the Aelfwar Abomination.

Examine a Lesser Dragon Mote to summon an Aelfwar who will commune with the mote, then transform into the Aelfwar Abomination, a giant Razorbeast with a significant knockback attack.

The Lesser Dragon Mote can be found in Shimmersand, Iron Pine Peak, and Stillmoor (3 locations).

Lesser Dragon Mote
Lesser Dragon Mote

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