Rift Mob:Maelforge  

Infernal Dawn
Warboss Drak
Maklamos the Scryer
Rusila Dreadblade
Ember Conclave
Gorlach and Bouldergut are a single encounter.

Final boss of the Infernal Dawn 20 man raid instance released April 2012 along with patch 1.8.

With 4 phases to the encounter, it is generally considered to be the 2nd hardest encounter within the instance only behind Laethys.

There are no strenuous dps checks in the encounter. Mechanics must be strictly adhered to during phases 2-4, as Maelforge gains a stacking damage buff for every player death - more than 4 deaths generally causes one-shot raid damage.

Single target healing requirements are higher in this encounter than in any other in Rift.

High amounts of Fire resist are needed for all raid members.

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