Rift Mob:Maklamos the Scryer  

Infernal Dawn
Warboss Drak
Maklamos the Scryer
Rusila Dreadblade
Ember Conclave
Gorlach and Bouldergut are a single encounter.

First earth wing boss of the Infernal Dawn 20 man raid instance released April 2012 along with patch 1.8

Originally meant to be a much harder encounter, however the main mechanic never worked properly on live servers and was disabled soon after release.

A "Hard Mode" optional version of the fight was later on added with a modified version of the originally intended mechanic offering a reward that upgrades specific items from the Sliver 10 man raid of the same tier level named Primeval Feast. (release july 2012 with patch 1.9)

The normal version of the encounter consists of only one phase and is characterized by a tank swap mechanic and the need to have mage interrupters on 3 spawning adds to prevent their healing ability before they become active to be picked up by the tanks. The only other mechanic is called desolation which requires to have one ranged member using certain cooldowns to prevent death or to have a number of raid members run through the desolation effect to lower its effectiveness

Hardmode reduces the desolation timer making it more frequent while adding a version of the original disabled mechanic - beams connecting random raid members - that can be removed by using the crystals inside the room surrounding Maklamos

Maklamos Video

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