Rift Mob:Ember Conclave  

Infernal Dawn
Warboss Drak
Maklamos the Scryer
Rusila Dreadblade
Ember Conclave
Gorlach and Bouldergut are a single encounter.

Second fire wing encounter of the Infernal Dawn 20 man raid instance released April 2012 along with patch 1.8.
The ember conclave has three different bosses and can be killed in any order:

The fight has three phases. Each phase can be completely different depending on the kill order. Each of the 3 bosses gains different abilities on different phases.

The ember conclave is the first raid encounter in Rift to incorporate a "Hard Mode" version. Hard mode version requires Emberlord Ereetu to be killed last.

Loot from Chest + Hard Mode Chest.


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