Splintertree Post (WoW)  

Splintertree Post is a Horde outpost in Eastern Ashenvale.

Like all Horde outposts, the one at Splintertree is guarded and run by both orcs and Tauren. Every member of the outpost serves as both a scout and a guard to protect the younger horde conscripts and players from the dangers prevalent in this beautiful, yet mysterious forest. This outpost serves as the easternmost base of operations for the horde's expansion into Azshara, with a connecting flightpoint to that remote location.

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There are quest givers, a heavy armor vendor for repairs, an inn, a mailbox, a stable master and a flight path. The flight path is currently run by flight master Vhulgra.

Splintertree post is a stockade style outpost, with a small path leading out to the main road. At the path's entrance is a small guard tower and siege machine where several NPCs, including a representative from Silvermoon, can be found. As you follow the path to the outpost, it has a wooden palisade, reminiscent of the standard Horde design and several guard towers manned night and day by Horde soldiery. Entering the outpost you will see the flightmaster on the left side and an Inn on the right with a mailbox out front. Further up are several more huts and various vendors selling supplies and offering repair services to adventurers.


Current flight paths include:


NPCs & Quests

Senani Thunderheart

Mastok Wrilehiss Pixel Kuray'bin Locke Okarr Valusha

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