Emerald Sanctuary (WoW)  

Emerald Sanctuary is a camp of the Emerald Circle in southeastern Felwood.

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This outpost of the Emerald Circle is a small collection of buildings with a rather large number of druids stationed here. There are many quests offered to help them remove the corruption that has infected this zone.

Flight Paths


  • Arathandris Silversky South of Emerald Sanctuary
  • Eridan Bluewind
  • Gorrim - Wind Rider and Hippogryph Flight Master
  • Greta Mosshoof
  • Ivy Leafrunner
  • Jessir Moonbow
  • Kelek Skykeeper
  • Maybess Riverbreeze North of Emerald Sanctuary
  • Taronn Redfeather
  • Tenell Leafrunner



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