Astranaar (WoW)  

Astranaar is a town of Night Elves on the east-west road of Ashenvale.

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Similar to both Redridge Mountains and Duskwood found in the Eastern Kingdoms, Ashenvale is often a target for Horde incursions due to it being located in a lower level contested zones. To make matters worse, Ashenvale also houses two Horde outposts, those of the Zoram Strand and Splintertree Post. Exercise extreme caution around Astranaar. When questing, set your hearthstone to the inn whenever feasible in order to avoid having to dodge groups of Horde who like to gather a short distance away from the town in preparation to raid it.


  • Expert Leatherworking Trainer
  • Graveyard
  • Hippogryph Master
  • Typical vendors

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