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You have four kinds of abilities: Actions, Morale, Tactics and Crafting. Actions are your "go-to" abilities; the ones you will use most often. Morale skills are your super duper charge-up abilities; these can make or break a fight. Tactics are beneficial effects that are always on and can affect almost anything you might do. Check our a list of abilities by career!

Grayed out icons denote that some requirement of the ability has not yet been met, or that the cooldown timer has not yet run down. Icons with red numbers mean that the target is out of range.

To train new abilities, you'll need to visit your trainer. As you level up, you'll need to go to higher Warcamps to be able to train new abilities.

To change active Morale abilities, Action abilities and Tactics, click the "Abilities" button on the top left side of the UI. The window that pops up has a tab for "Actions", "Morale" and "Tactics". Click on the pertinent tab, and then click on the ability you wish to add, and finally click on the slot you wish to add the ability.

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Action Abilities

As your characters experience increases, actions will be gained according to milestones on your experience bar. These are irregularly spaced, and different careers will receive actions at different points during their career advancement. Actions are the fundamental progression of upgrades every character receives as they advance, and they will be geared towards the core abilities of each career archetype.

By the time they reach rank 40, a character will have learned every action available to their career. To learn a new action, characters may have to visit a trainer, who will charge a fee to train them. These include a wide range of attacks, heals, buffs, debuffs, etc. and are used from your QuickBar.

Morale Abilities

These are powerful "charge up" abilities. Morale is gained by being in combat, and once you have gained enough Morale to use your ability, you can click its icon to activate it. However, once you've used a Morale ability, you'll need to build more morale in order to use another one.

Morale abilities are gained in a similar way to tactics, by earning morale points with experience. There are three different categories of morale ability:

  • Career abilities are unique to a particular career.
  • Archetype abilities are shared across career archetypes.
  • Racial abilities are shared across racial careers.

As with tactics, morale abilities can be chosen from a complete list of abilities, and it will not be possible to gain every ability available.

Each morale ability can be used in one of the four slots on the morale bar, according to how powerful a particular ability is. Slot 1 abilities are the weakest and can be used the most often, while slot 4 abilities are more powerful but can only be used after spending a longer time in combat.

If you change your mind on point allocation, there will be a way to recover those points and spend them elsewhere.

Tactic Abilities

These are enhancements that help you fight the way YOU want to. Are you going to charge headfirst into battle, or sneak around and stab your enemies in the back?

There are three types of tactic: Career, Renown and Tome.

  • Career tactics are general improvements that are useful in any fight.
  • Renown tactics improve your RvR combat performance.
  • Tome tactics improve your PvE combat performance.

Career tactics are gained by earning tactic points with experience, Renown tactics are gained by earning renown points, and Tome tactics are gained by completing sections in the Tome of Knowledge. When a new tactic is gained, characters will be able to see all the tactics available to their career to choose from (with a few exceptions).

Characters will not be able to learn every tactic available to their career. The latest information suggests that there will be 30 career tactics in total, from which a maximum of 18 can be learned by the time a character reaches rank 40.

The number of available slots for tactics will increase as you level up.

Crafting Abilities

See: Crafting

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