Altgard (Aion Quest Series)  

Aion: The Asmodian Quest Series
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Quest Series
Starting ZoneAltgard
Rec. Levels10 to 20
Previous Ishalgen
Next Morheim
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Quest Series

For Campaign quests in this zone, see the Asmodian Campaign

There is a quest that starts in Pandaemonium, at the Temple of Artisans:

The following quests are also listed under their starting locations.

Essencetapping Quests
Skill PointsLevelQuestNPCHarvestable Object
4516Gathering KandulaVielKandula
5517A Change of DietIrleinKrimer
65 missing Blueta
7518Branching Out FurtherIrleinHorto
8518Disgruntled WorkersLuimerkBlicora
Note: The first harvesting quests in Morheim will require Essencetapping (100p) and Aethertapping (100p), so be sure you have at least that before moving on to Morheim (unless you enjoy teleporting back to the previous zone to get your skills up?)

Black Claw Tribe Quests

As this is a fundamental core of questing in this zone, we are listing the entire series of "BC" quests separately. They will also appear in the location they start in, lower in this page. Some of the quests listed in this section are from the Asmodian Campaign quest series.

Altgard Fortress

Starts with Suthran

  1. Killing Mau
  2. [Group] Killing Kumbaron's Followers (20)
  3. Report to Pandaemonium (20)

Starts with Arekedil

  1. Arekedil's Heritage (10)
  2. Deep Maternal Love (10)


  1. Ice Lake Crystals (10)
  2. [Group] A Lucrative Endeavor (18)



  1. A Crystal Hand Mirror (16)
  2. Kagorinerk's Gift (17)



Altgard West Gate

Starts with Emgata

  1. Conversing With a Skurv (10)
  2. Mau in Ten Minutes a Day (10)
  3. A Secret Proposal (18)
  4. Solid Proof (18)
  5. [Group] Reducing Black Claw's Military Strength (18)
  6. [Group] Killing Kumbaron's Followers (20)

Zone Reward Guide
HeadShania's Leather HatA Friendly Wager
HeadSuthran'sCrushing The Conspiracy
ShouldersValuerin'sTrespassers At The Observatory
Shouldersof the DeadComrade Sumarhon
ChestSuthran'sKnow Your Enemy
HandsNokir'sTake The Initiative
LegsJolk'sKeeping The Black Claw Tribe in Check
FeetNokir'sScout It Out
WeaponsNokir'sFear This
EarringsScout's EarringsReconstructing Impetusium
RingRing of Passionate LoveMaking a New Start
RingGuardian's RingEscaping Asmodae
WaistBanatisai's BeltSecuring The Supply Route
NecklaceTigg's NecklaceMake Their Job Easier
NecklaceAltgard Medal of Honor[Group] Killing Kumbaron's Followers

Moslan Crossroad


starts with Olenja

  1. Karnif Threat (11) min 11
  2. A Better Trap (11)
  3. A Long, Lost Friend (12) - takes you to Manir's Campsite
  4. Manir's Uncle (12) - from Manir
  5. Groken's Escape (12)
  6. Manir's Message (12) - takes you to Karl's Campsite

Item-Triggered: MuMu Grass Knot (PW/AA)

  1. Knot Your Average Message (12, min. 12)
  2. Gleaning The Meaning (12)


  1. Poison Root, Potent Fruit (11) min 11
  2. Frightcorn Seeds (11)
  3. Ripened Frightcorn (12)
  4. Picking off Frightcorn (12)

Basfelt Village

The starting quests here are all min. Level 13.

starts with Garuntat

  1. A Cure For Crazy (13)
  2. A Crazy Request (13)
  3. Report to Garuntat (13)



  1. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (13)
  2. A Friendly Wager (15, min 14)

starts with Lamir

  1. Lamir's New Clothes (13)
  2. Sibling Rivalry (15, min 14)
  3. Clearing the Path (16) - from Kaibech


  1. The Broken Honey Jar (16, min 14)
  2. Malodor Antidote (16)

Idun's Lake

Mosbear Habitat


  1. Mantigar's Request (15)
  2. An Irritating Problem (16)

Gribade Canyon


  1. Glowing Mushroom (16)
  2. A Nice Gesture (17)

Gribade Crater Lake


Altgard East Gate

Mahindel Swamp


  1. The Lost Cube (17)
  2. Emergency Rations (17)

Calderon Hill


  1. A Change of Diet (17) - requires Extract Vitality (55p).
  2. Branching out Further (18) - requires Extract Vitality (75p).

Altgard Observatory


  1. Neifenmer's Reasoning (17)
  2. Creating a Delay (18)
  3. Aurtri's Letter (18)

Gerger Village


  1. The Gerger's Insignia (17)
  2. The Gerger's Disguise (17)
  3. Escaping Asmodae (17)

Trader's Berth

Heart of Impetusium

On the ground

On the platform


  1. Turbulent Mist Spirits (18)
  2. Turbulent Splash Spirits (18)
  3. An Important Announcement (18)


  1. The Tayga Threat (18)
  2. Reconstruction Supplies (17)

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