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Taking a different tack from other Assault missions, Nyzul Isle Investigation is a perpetually different task every single time.
Characters enter Nyzul Isle at randomly determined point, and the floors are climbed in sequence.

Entering at a higher floor can be achieved only after clearing at least 5 floors in sequence, and choosing to save your progress instead of continuing to climb.
Each floor has a random objective to be achieved before passage to the next floor can occur.


  • As with other Assaults, each Nyzul Isle Investigation requires the expenditure of an Imperial Army I.D. Tag.
  • Assault Points are not earned from this mission, instead Tokens are earned.
  • Tokens are used to either buy temporary items in the Nyzul Isle lobby, or to enter Nyzul Isle at a higher floor.
  • Nyzul Isle Investigations have a strict 30 minute time limit, there is no way to extend this limit.
  • Like other Assaults, a party member can obtain an armband, and earn 10% more Tokens on a single run.
  • Possessing the armband also means that specific party member has to be the individual to start the specific run.

The Lobby

Once an investigation run has started, characters will be placed in the lobby.
Whilst in this lobby, the time limit is counting down, and thus characters are recommended to not linger here for too long. A Vending Box is present within the lobby, along with a Rune of Transfer. Using the Vending Box allows characters to purchase temporary items for use within the investigation. (see below) Using the Rune of Transfer allows a character to select the entry floor for the run, and will warp characters to that floor once a floor has been selected.

Upon entering the lobby for the very first time, every character must touch the Rune of Transfer to recieve a Runic Disc, without this Disc, progress for that character will NOT be saved upon leaving the investigation.

Nyzul Isle Investigation - Vending Box items
100 Tokens200 Tokens300 Tokens
Assassin's DrinkBody BoostDusty Elixir
Barbarian's DrinkBraver's Drink
Dusty ReraiseChampion's Drink
Fighter's DrinkCleric's Drink
Gnostic's DrinkDusty Ether
Oracle's DrinkDusty Potion
Shepherd's DrinkDusty Wing
Sprinter's DrinkFanatic's Drink
Spy's DrinkFool's Drink
Strange JuiceMana Boost
Strange MilkMonarch's Drink
Vicar's DrinkSoldier's Drink
Below is a concise list of costs for entering Nyzul Isle at each entry floor.

Nyzul floor enteredTokens required for entry

Runic Discs

As mentioned earlier, a Runic Disc is issued to each and every adventurer undertaking an investigation, providing that they click the Rune of Transfer in the Lobby.

  • Exiting Nyzul Isle after clearing any floor divisible by 5 (10, 15, etc.) will save and register that information to the Disc.
  • Saving progress enables characters to enter Nyzul at later dates, starting at higher floors.
  • The progress throughout Nyzul Isle currently saved to a character's disc, directly affects the amount of Weapon Skills needed to unlock a Mythic Weapon Skill.
  • For progress on a character's disc to be saved and upgraded, the character must have saved data up to and including the last registerable save point before the one being currently exited. (e.g. if leaving from floor 40, the disc must previously have been saved to 35)

Runes of Transfer

These devices permit a party's movement around Nyzul Isle.
The first one encountered is within the Lobby, and provides Runic Discs, as well as access to floors previously cleared and saved.
Every subsequent Rune of Transfer encountered provides dual functionality.

  • When first checked upon entering a floor, it displays the conditions needed to enable passage to the next floor.
  • When the exit conditions are met, the Rune lights up and when checked, enables characters to move to the next floor, or leave Nyzul.
Occasionally, examining the Rune when moving to the next floor, a character will be asked to choose 'left', or 'right'.
This will inflict Pathos upon the party when they enter the next floor, sometimes positive, sometimes detrimental.

Nyzul Denizens

After leaving the Lobby and entering the first floor of any given run, regardless of floor entered, characters encounter random groups of monsters from 16 pre-set lists.
Notorious Monsters can spawn on any floor that is not divisible by 5, and are not restricted to the species of monsters on the floor they spawn on.
On 'kill all enemies' floors, one or more Dahaks may spawn, regardless of mob grouping.

GroupingMob FamilyMob types present
1 Amorphs Black Pudding, Bouncing Ball, Mousse, Thousand Eyes
2 Amorphs Black Pudding, Ebony Pudding, Mousse
3 Amorphs Bouncing Ball, Mousse, Thousand Eyes
4 Aquans Greatclaw, Kulshedra, Stygian Pugil
5 Arcana Friar's Lantern, Killing Weapon, Magic Flagon, Ominous Weapon, Sweeping Cluster
6 Arcana Killing Weapon, Magic Flagon, Ominous Weapon
7 Beasts Manticore, Marid, Wajaom Tiger, Wild Karakul
8 Birds Lesser Colibri, Marsh Murre, Peryton, Ziz
9 Demons Imp, Psycheflayer
10 Dragons Puk, Wyvern
11 Lizards Bull Bugard, Deinonychus, Sand Lizard, Wivre x2
12 Mixed Mousse, Peryton
13 Mixed Draugar, Mousse
14 Plantoids Ameretat, Death Cap, Leshy, Puktrap
15 UndeadBhoot, Draugar, Garm, Tainted Flesh
16 VerminCarmine Eruca, Spinner, Wamoura, Wamouracampa

Notorious Monsters by floor grouping

Floors 1 - 19:

Floors 21 - 39:

Floor 41 - 59:

Floor 61 - 79:

Floor 81 - Floor 99:

Leader NM's

There are a variety of NM's that spawn only when the exit condition for a floor is "Defeat the Enemy Leader".
These NM's are unique to Nyzul Isle, and are not encountered anywhere else in Vana'diel.

There are also clones of various HNMs every 20 floors, they are as follows:


To activate a Rune of Transfer on any floor other than the Lobby, objectives have to be met.
They can be any of the following, on any floor, other than floors divisible by 20, which are always 'Eliminate enemy leader'.

  • Eliminate all enemies - self explanatory, does not include any Armed Gears on the floor.
  • Eliminate enemy leader - this will be an NM from the list above (Leader NMs).
  • Eliminate specified enemy - will be a normal mob, that /check's 'Impossible to Gauge'. Is never Armed Gears, Archaic Rampart or any Notorious Monster.
  • Eliminate specified enemies - will be an entire family of mobs that /check 'Impossible to Gauge'.
  • Free Floor! - no enemies to kill, but floor will have multiple Armoury Crates that provide temporary items to assist the party.
  • Activate all lamps - see below.

There are secondary objectives that can also be set, "Avoid discovery by Armed Gears" and "Do not destroy Armed Gears".
Armed Gears are aggressive to magic, and are True Sound.
Pulling them doesn't violate the discovery objective.
Secondary objectives can be 'failed', and the party can still move up floors, however they will be either be affected by a Pathos of Alzadaal whilst on the current floor, or a minute will be deducted from the overall time remaining in the mission.

Lamp floors

Lamp floors deserve special attention, as they usually provide the biggest challenge to a party of adventurers.
They can take one of three formats:

  • One lamp floors - all party members need to activate the lamp before the objective is met.
  • Multiple lamp, same time activation floors - there are three or more (to a maximum of six) lamps scattered around the floor, all must be activated simultaneously.
  • Multiple lamp, specific order floors - again, three to six lamps scattered around the floor, but must be activated in a specific sequence.

For the multiple lamp floors, the lamps will NOT light until ALL lamps are activated, regardless of if it's an order floor, or a same-time floor.


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