Channeler Prelude (EQ2 Quest Series)  

A Shadowy Stag in Antonica
A Shadowy Stag in Antonica
To begin this series, travel to any zone and killed a shadowed creature. It will drop A Strangely Marked Hide which when inspected will start the first quest. Reported locations include Common Lands, Antonica, Nektulous Forest, Great Divide and a few others. Check out this thread for some suggestions. We encountered a shadowy krait in Great Divide, which dropped the quest starter in a chest.

HINT: The mob you're looking for will be "a shadowy (whatever)" Could be a shadowy Krait, a shadowy Deer, a shadowy Wolf... etc. If you have the ability to track or a tracking scroll this should make things easier when searching your zone of choice for the quest starter.

  1. Harbingers of Change
  2. The Truespirits' Lament

Nathan "Kaitheel" McCall announced that this prelude series is a permanent fixture of the game.

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