Crafting Classes (EQ2)  

EverQuest II has nine crafting classes (professions) and two secondary classes. All crafters start at level 1 as an artisan. At level 10 they must choose an archetype: Craftsman, Outfitter, or Scholar. At level 20 they must choose their final crafting class from those available to their archetype.

It is possible to change your crafting class if you hate it. See: Tradeskill Respecialization

Tradeskill Class Tree
Artisan CraftsmanCarpenterfurniture (including altars), strongboxes, and repair kits
Provisionerfood and drink
Woodworkerbows, arrows, throwing weapons, wooden shields, staves, and utility totems
OutfitterWeaponsmithmetal weapons
Armorerchainmail and platemail armor, metal shields
Tailorcloth and leather armor, backpacks, thrown-weapon bags, hex dolls, and cloaks.
ScholarAlchemistpotions, poisons, and fighter skill upgrades
Jewelerjewelry and scout skill upgrades
Sagepriest and mage spell upgrades
SecondaryTinkererTinkered contraptions, such as automated parachutes, environmental suits, summonable robotic pets, mounts, and water-breathing devices.
AdornerUses components created by Transmuters to make Adornments
TransmuterBreaks certain valuable equipment down into it's magical components which can then be used to create adornments. As of GU55 Transmuting is a skill everyone has, and no longer really a "Profession".

To choose your primary tradeskill professions, hail your local Crafting Trainer at levels 9 and 19.

To train in Tinkering or Adorning, ask for a trainer in your home city.

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