Crafting Stations (Rift)  


There are 4 types of Crafting Stations in Rift: Forge, Laboratory, Loom and Workbench. In the cities, where you find one you will find all four, but outside the cities you will frequently find only a single station. Almost always, there will be a trainer nearby the station, and sometimes a separate vendor that sells Recipes. This page is intended to be a helpful guide for finding the Station you need, when you need it.

FreemarchKing's RetreatKelari Refuge Ark of the Ascended (Novice Gathering trainers)
SilverwoodArgent Glade Novice trainers (Novice Gathering trainers at Divine Landing and Argent Glade)
MeridianThe Manufactory Master trainers
SanctumBahralt Street Master trainers
StonefieldGranite Falls Skilled trainers
Gloamwood Gloamwood Pines Gloamwood Pines Skilled Trainers
Scarlet GorgeOverwatch Skilled Miner
Scarwood Reach The Sagespire Perspice
The Sagespire
Expert at Perspice
Masters at The Sagespire
Moonshade HighlandsThree Springs Timberveil Expert trainers
DroughtlandsLantern Hook
Iron Pine PeakThedeor's Forge
(Chancel of Labors)
Stillmoor Ruston
Thalin Tor
Master Apothecary
ShimmersandFortune's Shore Master Trainers

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