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Job Description

Hume Dark Knight
Hume Dark Knight
On the high western slops of Xarcabard, the Crystal War came to an end when the once-mighty Shadow Lord was slain by a mighty blow -- a blow dealt by a Dark Knight.

Dark Knights, masters of the scythe and great sword, are cursed with the ability to deal large amounts of physical and magical damage at all costs, even if it means inflicting pain upon themselves. High-level Dark Knights can use spells such as dread spikes, draining life from their enemies with every blow the enemy strikes. They can also use "absorb" magic -- a type of spells that only Dark Knights can use -- allowing them to steal dexterity, strength, vitality and other skills from their opponents. When a Dark Knight really wants to unleash fury, he can use the powerful ability Soul Eater, allowing him to deal massive amounts of melee damage while suffering a substantial loss of hit points.

Similar to Warriors, Dark Knights can wield a variety of weapons but favor the Scythe. They wear a wide variety of heavy or moderately heavy armor. The Dark Knight job class is unlocked upon completing the quest Blade of Darkness (Dark Knight Flag Quest).

A dark knight with a Kraken Club is among the most potent damage dealers used to "zerg" hyper notorious monsters. The use of a kraken club with the ability Soul Eater results in a flurry of high-powered hits that do lethal amounts of damage in a short period of time. The Soul Eater ability also comes in handy when monks chose dark knight as their sub jobs; a monk's 2-hr ability combined with souleater has a similar effect as a dark knight using a kraken club.

Through all of the changes in FFXI, Dark Knights remain one of the game's premier damage-dealing classes.

Spells and Abilities

Job Abilities

Job Abilities are activated abilities unique to a specific job that enhance job performance in some way. This can include, but is not limited to, increasing armor or damage for a short time, initiating a special attack or triggering a party buff.

Name Level Description
Arcane Circle 5 Increases the group's magical defense
Last Resort 15 Increases your attack and lowers your defense.
Weapon Bash 20 Attack that inflicts a stun effect on the opponent. Can only be performed with a two-handed weapon.
Soul Eater 30 Does damage to the enemy at the expense of your own hit points.
Dark Seal 75 (Merit) Enhances the accuracy of your next Dark Magic spell
Diabolic Eye 75 (Merit) Decreases your Maximum HP for an increase in Accuracy

Job Traits

Job Traits are passive abilities that are always active for your job. Job Traits often boost stats, increase mp regeneration, or add resistances to status effects.

Name Level Description
Attack Bonus I 10 Increases the power of physical attacks.
Resist Paralyze I 20 Increases resistance to paralyze spells.
Arcana Killer 25 Occasionally causes Intimidation in Arcana type mobs.
Attack Bonus II 30 Increases the power of physical attacks.
Resist Paralyze II 40 Increased resistance to paralyze spells.
Attack Bonus III 50 Increases the power of physical attacks.
Resist Paralyze III 60 Increased resistance to paralyze spells.
Desperate Blows 75 (Merit) Reduces delay for two-handed weapons when using Last Resort.
Muted Soul 75 (Merit) Reduces enmity while using Soul Eater.

Two-Hour Abilities

Two-Hour Abilities are job-specific active abilities with a cool down timer of two hours. These are often incredibly powerful abilities, but often have adverse effects as well such as depleting an MP pool or dealing physical damage to the player.

Name Level Description
Blood Weapon 1 All normal melee attacks will drain HP from the mob equal to the amount of damage inflicted. This effect does not cause additional damage to the mob, and has no effect on undead mobs.


Spells are magical effects cast by the player at the cost of MP or reagents with a multitude of results. Beneficial spells can be cast on party members to boost stats or restore health and damage dealing spells can be cast on mobs with devastating results.

Spell Level Description
Stone I 5 Deals minor earth damage to an enemy.
Poison I 6 Caused minor poison damage over time.
Drain 10 Steals HP from the enemy, not usable on undead mobs.
Water I 11 Deals minor water damage to the enemy.
Bio I 15 Deals damage over time while decreasing enemie's attack power.
Aero 17 Deals minor wind damage to the enemy.
Bind 20 Roots an enemy in place so it cannot move.
Aspir 20 Absorbs mana points from an enemy and adds them to your pool.
Fire I 23 Deals minor fire damage to the enemy.
Poisonga 26 Causes damage over time to all enemies in target area.
Blizzard I 29 Causes minor ice damage to the enemy.
Sleep 30 Puts a single target to sleep.
Absorb-MND 31 Absorbs mind points from the target.
Tractor 32 Teleports a corpse to the caster's location.
Absorb-CHR 33 Absorbs charisma points from the target.
Absorb-ACC 33 Steals an enemy's accuracy.
Thunder I 35 Causes minor lightning damage to the enemy.
Absorb-VIT 35 Absorbs vitality points from the target.
Stun 37 Temporarily prevents a target from acting.
Absorb-AGI 37 Absorbs agility points from the target.
Absorb-INT 39 Absorbs intelligence points from the target.
Bio II 40 Deals damage over time and lowers an enemy's attack power.
Absorb-DEX 41 Absorbs dexterity points from the target.
Stone II 42 Deals earth damage to an enemy.
Absorb-STR 43 Absorbs strength points from the target.
Absorb-TP 45 Absorbs TP from an enemy and adds it to your own.
Poison II 46 Deals moderate poison damage over time.
Water II 48 Deals water damage to the target.
Aero II 54 Deals wind damage to the target.
SleepII 56 Puts the target to sleep.
Fire II 60 Deals fire damage to the target.
Drain II 62 Steals an enemy's HP, potentially increasing maximum HP. Ineffective against undead.
Blizzard II 66 Deals ice damage to the target.
Dread Spikes 71 Covers you with magical darkness spikes. Steals HP from enemies that hit you. Ineffective against undead.
Thunder II 72 Deals lightning damage to the target.

Skill Ratings

Dark Knights are skilled with a variety of weapons, due to their focus upon melee combat. They also have complimentary casting skills, due to their use of Absorb-type spells, Stun, and elemental 'nukes' which are best used during a Magic Burst.

Combat Skill Skill Rating Level 37 Level 60 Level 75
Scythe A+ 114 203 276
Great Sword A- 114 203 269
Axe B- 109 196 240
Great Axe B- 109 196 240
Sword B- 109 196 240
Dagger C 105 190 225
Club C- 105 190 220
Marksmanship E 94 171 200

Magic Skills

Magic Skill Skill Rating Level 37 Level 60 Level 75
Dark A- 114 203 269
Elemental B+ 109 196 256
Enfeebling C 105 190 225


When you reach level 75 in any job you can begin to "Merit" that job along with attributes that will carry over to all your other jobs making it possible to make yourself even more versatile through new spells abilities and upgrades on other attributes, abilities, and spells

Group 1
Name Description
Soul Eater Recast Each upgrade reduces cast timer by 12 seconds per upgrade.
Arcane Circle Recast Each upgrade reduces cast timer by 20 seconds per upgrade.
Last Resort Recast Each upgrade reduces cast timer by 10 seconds per upgrade.
Weapon Bash Recast Each upgrade reduces cast timer by 10 seconds per upgrade.
Soul Eater Effect Each upgrade increases the Attack and Defense Down bonus by 2%.
Group 2
Name Description
Dark Seal Boosts the magic accuracy of your next Dark Magic spell, each additional upgrade to this ability decreases the recast time by 2 minutes 30 seconds.
Muted Soul Reduces enmity when using Soul Eater by 10 per merit.
Diabolic Eye Increases accuracy at the cost of hit points, each additional upgrade to this ability decreases the recast time by 2 minutes 30 seconds.
Desperate Blows Two-Handed weapon delay is reduced by 5% when Last Resort is in effect, each additional upgrade reduces delay by 5%.

Artifact and Relic sets

Artifact Artifact +1 Relic Relic +1
Chaos Burgeonet Chaos Burgeonet +1 Abyss Burgeonet Abyss Burgeonet +1
Chaos Cuirass Chaos Cuirass +1 Abyss Cuirass Abyss Cuirass +1
Chaos Gauntlets Chaos Gauntlets +1 Abyss Gauntlets Abyss Gauntlets +1
Chaos Flanchard Chaos Flanchard +1 Abyss Flanchard Abyss Flanchard +1
Chaos Sollerets Chaos Sollerets +1 Abyss Sollerets Abyss Sollerets +1
Raven Scythe Abyss Cape

Other Info

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