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Your character can choose to worship a Deity. Seek out the nearest Deity Historian for information and directions to the prophets. There are fourteen returned deities from which to choose: five evil, four good, and five neutral. Any one can worship a neutral god, but only evil characters can choose evil gods (and good characters, good gods).

To show your devotion you must perform quests in the name of your deity. Each deity has its own progressive line of quests. The first three or four quests are soloable or duoable, but the last quest for most gods requires a group. For each quest that you complete you unlock one miracle and one blessing and receive a substantial amount of Favor. Completing the final quest rewards you with a cloak specific to your deity.

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You earn Favor by doing the deity quests and tithing items to your deity through their altar. Most equipable items (including some Tinkered items) can be used to earn favor, and better altars reduce the favor cost of blessings and miracles.

Deity Quest Reward Summary
Quest # Level Range Favor Granted Item Rewards Notes
the basic altarUnlocks the first blessing/miracle pair
deity accessory choiceUnlocks the second blessing/miracle pair
deity petUnlocks the third blessing/miracle pair
an improved altarUnlocks the fourth blessing/miracle pair
a deity cloakUnlocks the final blessing/miracle pair

Choosing your God

Speak to a Deity Historian to learn more about the gods. They also sell Deity spell books, Altars, and recipes for crafted Altars.

The Gods of Norrath
General Information
Anashti SulEvilThe deposed prime healer is a good choice for Shadowknights. Benefits include boosts to combat art and spell damage, and threat increasers.Plumetor Dul'Sadma
in The Sinking Sands
BertoxxulousEvilThe Plaugebringer is excellent for evil mages. Benefits include disease damage abilities, hate reducer, and debuffs.Hrath Everstill
in Gorowyn
Brell SerilisNeutralBrell is the only deity with benefits for crafters. A good all-purpose deity, his benefits also include a stun, buff, and out of combat regeneration.Bronlor Stormhammer
in Butcherblock Mountains
BristlebaneNeutralA natural choice for scouts. Benefits include attack speed increases, a hate reducer, and an all around dispeller.Tobel Patadash
in The Enchanted Lands
Cazic-ThuleEvilA natural for necromancers and other evil casters. Benefits include roots, fears, pets, and mental buffs.Danak Dhorentath
in Butcherblock Mountains
InnoruukEvilA good generic evil non-fighter deity choice. Benefits include damage abilities, you do get healing, debuff, and mez abilities.Xilania Nevagon
in Greater Faydark
KaranaNeutralA favorite of druids, and a good choice for healers who like to melee a little.Askr
in Timorous Deep
Mithaniel MarrGoodAn excellent choice for good aligned fighters, especially paladins. His benefits include heals, hate gain, and a horse summon.Sir Bayden Cauldthorn
in Old Kelethin
QuelliousGoodHer Lore makes Quellious a favorite of monks, but she is more useful for classes that need the hate reducers, such as the roubador, dirge, swashbuckler, mystic, and perhaps most in line with what the role of illusionists. Pacificator Merrek
in Butcherblock Mountains
Rallos ZekEvilExcellent for evil fighter classes; also popular with assassins and brigands. Benefits include attack damage and hate gainers, and a strength and stamina buff.Tychus Zeksworn
in Butcherblock Mountains
Rodcet NifeGoodDefinitely the good healer's deity. Benefits include heals, buffs, and soothes.Bainyn Fairwind
in North Qeynos
Solusek RoNeutralPopular with mages, particularly wizards and warlocks, but also good for DPS classes. Benefits include damage spells along with a soothe and casting resource reducers.Civean Il'Pernod
in Butcherblock Mountains
The TribunalNeutralGreat for fighters and scouts who melee a bit. Benefits include hate gain abilities, in-combat health regen, and combat damage boosts.Justinian Theo
in Timorous Deep
TunareGoodWell suited to the druids, templar, and mystic; also a good choice for a ranger or paladin. Benefits include primarily heals and heal boosters, plus stifles, damage spells, and a utility spell that summons ranged ammo.Kurista
in Old Kelethin

The Quests

Speak to your chosen deity's prophet to start on your journey of devotion. Each Deity Quest series is listed on the Deity's page along with details about their Blessings and Miracles.

The Gods of Norrath
GoodMithaniel MarrQuelliousRodcet NifeTunare
NeutralBrell SerilisBristlebaneKaranaSolusek RoThe Tribunal
EvilAnashti SulBertoxxulousCazic-ThuleInnoruukRallos Zek

Renouncing your Faith

Should you lose faith in your god or find another suits you better, you may renounce your current god. Go to your deity's prophet and click the altar near them. Select "yes" when prompted: you will lose all benefits of that god, but will be free to prove your worth to another deity.

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