Destiny of Velious Tradeskill Quests (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Tradeskill Quests

Destiny of Velious Tradeskill Quests
Quest Series
Starting ZoneGreat Divide
Rec. LevelsTradeskill level 90
Previous Tradeskill Epic
Artisan's Journey
Sentinel's Fate Tradeskill Quests
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Destiny of Velious - Flying Mount
Thurgadin Forgemasters Daily Tasks
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

For the adventuring quest series see: Great Divide Quest Series or Eastern Wastes Quest Series
For only the flying mount series see: Destiny of Velious Flying Mount Series


It is important to note that Great Divide is so cold there are very few resources there. See A Harvester's Guide for more information.

Each section has its own shopping list, but there's a complete list at the bottom of the page.

Great Divide Quests

Shopping List

T9 Harvests

Velious Harvests


Fina's Retreat

in Great Divide in Fina's Retreat at -1638, -533, -2381 , to the left as you leave Lodizal's dock.
  1. Meet the Locals (90)
  2. Shell Game (90) - from Mira
  3. Snowy Business (90) - from Matthew
  4. Trap Trip (90) - from Mira
  5. Snappy Trapping (90)
  6. Pelt Parlay (90)
  7. Snowfang Skinning (90) - from Ruffin
  8. Herbal Cure (90)
  9. Snowfang Starvation (90)
  10. It's a Long Way Down (90)
  11. Badger of Success (90)
  12. Snappy Dressing (90) - Crafter's Tunic Quest. From Mira

at -1376, -533, -2143 near Mira. Quests become available after completing Snappy Trapping

  1. Monster, Monster! (90)
  2. Trap Happy (90)
  3. On the Defensive (90)
  4. A Case of Mistaken Monstrosity (90)
  5. Errand of Mercy (90)
  6. Necessary Preparations (90)
  7. Escort Duty (90)
  8. A Heartfelt Thank You (90) - from Arjon
  9. Mood Music (90)
  10. Special Ingredients (90)
  11. Setting the Scene (90)
  12. Dinner for Two (90)

now at -377, -533, -2141 near Arjon and Misa.

  1. Letter to Thurgadin (90)

Splish at -1372, -539, -2191
NOTE: Splish's quest is only given to players who have decreased their faction with the Othmir of Velious so much that they cannot receive the normal quests (and are likely kos).

Thurgadin Harbor

  1. Clockwork Dockwork (90)
    • the rest of Fenwick's quests are only available to tinkerers
  2. Tinkered Technology (90)
  3. Clockwork Spybots (90)
  4. Better Living Through Tinkering (90)
  5. High Spirits (90)
  6. Toasting the Creator (90)


  1. Oomba's Loomba (90)
  2. Oomba's Zoomba (90)
  3. Oomba's Boomba (90)


in The Thurgadin Exchange at 866,-274,137 within Thurgadin, City of the Coldain

  1. Healing Leaves (90)
  2. Healing Stew Brew (90)
  3. Blessings for the Grandson (90)
  4. News From Home - from Alfrig in The Temple of Brell at 516, -214, 266 . Sends you to Tora at Blisterrock Ridge

Aggi Stonefist
in The Velium Keg at 699, -322, 360 within Thurgadin, City of the Coldain
From the Harbor zone in: follow the hall to The Stand of Honor. Turn right (south) and follow the hall to 692, -312, 411 . Aggi's to the left at The Velium Keg.

  1. Gnomish Gnegotiations (90)
  2. Cannons Away (90)
  3. Gilded Cages (90)
  4. Far Seas Negotiations (90)
  5. Wings Away (90)
  6. Scouring the Peaks (90) - Sends you to Capru in the Goahmari Village at 377, -15, 529 in Great Divide.

Mikk Eishammer
offers daily Forgemasters faction quests after you have finished Tora's Blisterrock Ridge quests.

Goahmari Village

Aggi Stonefist's quests (above) are prerequisite to Capru's quests.

in the Goahmari Village at 377, -15, 529 in Great Divide.

It's important to note that the Goahmari are opposed to Rime faction, and you should remove any Rime illusions.

During or after Scouring the Peaks, pet one of Capru's spiderlings to start this series. Do NOT squash spiderlings!

  1. Milly's Meals (90)
  2. Hungry Hungry Spiders (90)
  3. Snug as a Bug (90)
  4. Mend These Broken Wings (90)
  5. To Capture a Dream (90)
  6. Dream Weaving (90)

Caring for Gryffons

After you get your baby Gryffon you need to raise it

Blisterrock Ridge

in Great Divide at Blisterrock Ridge ( 107, -345, -616 ) .
  1. Hunting for History (90)
  2. The Cutting Edge (90)
  3. Ritual Gathering (90)
  4. Inside the Vision (90)
  5. What Dreams May Come (90) (Heritage Quest)

After you finish Tora's quests see Mikk Eishammer in Thurgaden for daily Forgemaster quests.

Forgemasters Daily Faction

Speak to Mikk Eishammer in the crafting area in Thurgadin. The Forgemaster daily mission changes at midnight Pacific Time. They are available after completing all of Tora's quests prior to What Dreams May Come at Blisterrock Ridge.

Eastern Wastes Quests (GU60)

All of these quests were introduced for Game Update 60. See our GU60 Shopping List for a list of materials only needed in this series.

Shopping List

This list is *only* Eastern Wastes quest supplies.

Othmir Fishing Camp

NEW! Mira at the Othmir Fishing Camp in Fina's Retreat will send you to the haven in Eastern Wastes. If you have not obtained a flying mount you will be unable to complete the full GU60 series.

Mira at -1355, -534, -2157

Nipik's Haven

Crafter quests have been added to Eastern Wastes! Mira's quest, Aid to the East, will start you on this series.

Livi at -1148, -533, 3385

  1. Surveying the Land (90)
  2. Sampling the Damage (90)
  3. Not For Use in Tea (90)
  4. Salivating for Sabotage (90)
  5. Seed Sampling (90)
  6. Replanting Efforts (90)
  7. Thunder in the Hills (90) - begins the Fortress of Drunder crafting quests

Woef at -1194, -536, 3280
NOTE: Woef's quest is only given to players who have decreased their faction with the Othmir of Velious so much that they cannot receive the normal quests (and are likely kos).

Fortress of Drunder

After discovering The Fortress of Drunder, crafters are enlisted to aide Brontis in removing his bindings that enslave him at the Great Forge.

Brontis at -116, -0.75, -32

  1. Bindings of Brontis (90)
  2. Thudomatonian Monotony (90)
  3. Accuracy is Everything (90)
  4. A Holy Adventure (90)
  5. Gnome Hunt (90)
  6. Doing the Dirty Work (90)
  7. Blessing the Bit (90)
  8. Assaulting the Chains (90)

When you complete this series Brontis will become a recipe scroll merchant!

Withered Lands Quests (GU63)

All of these quests were introduced for Game Update 63. See our GU63 Shopping List for a list of materials only needed in this series.

To the Withered Lands - Speak to the New Combine Flightmaster at 1278, -540, 306 on Thurgadin Harbor in Great Divide.

Withered Lands List

This list is only Withered Lands quest supplies.

T10 Harvests


Portable Crafting Stations

New Combine Foothold

Porto Bunglefoot at -3830, -783, -28 in The Withered Lands
  1. Preserving the Flank (91)
  2. Replacement Supplies (91)
  3. A Mystery Satyr (91) - sends you to Phaerus in Sanctuary of Tears

Sanctuary of Tears

Phaerus Thunderhorn at -47, -625, -618

  1. Clearing the Brush (91)
  2. A Timeless Instrument (91)
  3. Totemic Reinforcement (91) - rewards a cloak that stops you from getting knocked out of the sky

Tradeskill Apprentice

The GU63 tradeskill apprentice is obtained by level 90+ adventurers in a Skyshrine ring event. See Collapsing the Capitol for more information. There is also one obtained in the Skyshrine raid zone, Dracur Prime, but we currently have no information on that.

Cobalt Scar Quests (GU66)

See: Cobalt Scar Crafting


Signature Quests

Shopping List

For the entire Velious Tradeskill Series
...except the Forgemasters Daily Faction Quests and the Heritage Quest
(see: HQ shopping list)
and Cobalt Scar.

T9 Harvests

T10 Harvests

Velious Harvests


Portable Crafting Stations

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