Great Divide (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Great Divide
Quest Series
Starting ZoneGreat Divide
Rec. Levels85 to 90
Previous Stonebrunt Highlands
Next Eastern Wastes
Flying Mount (DoV)
Withered Lands
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

February 22, 2011

For the tradeskill quest series see: Destiny of Velious Tradeskill Quests
For only the flying mount series see: Destiny of Velious Flying Mount Series
For only the Fae and Arasai flight series see: Fae and Arasai Flight
For the collection quests see: Destiny of Velious Collection Quests

Players who are traveling to the rediscovered continent of Velious must first speak to Stissa, Emissary of the Speaker at -1504, -214, -386 on the dock in The Sinking Sands. She will permit your transportation to the Great Divide upon Lodizal, the blessed turtle of Prexus.

City representatives inside Thurgadin, City of the Coldain will have city tasks for you to hunt creatures in Great Divide and Eastern Wastes.

Delivered by Lodizal, you find yourself amidst an othmir fishing village on the Iceclad islands, off the coast of the glacier-covered landscape known as the Great Divide. It is here where your fated adventures in Velious begin!

Heroic Characters

Heroic Characters (who start at level 85) need to first speak to Lord Valkiss Ssi'sh (evil alignment) or Lady Liae Croae (good alignment) and complete a quest before this series opens up. They will be the only NPC with a quest feather when you land in Great Divide.

Fina's Retreat

The lively fishing village called Fina's Retreat is the second home to the othmir race. Your arrival has caused much celebration and excitement, but danger looms over these happy ottermen.

Aqua at -1600, -539, -2372

Nipik at -1632, -535, -2430

  1. Steps to Acceptance (87)
  2. Trouble on the Horizon (87) - sends you to Clicker

Clicker at -1450, -521, -2379

Diu at -1569, -539, -2340

  1. A Friendly Splash (87) - sends you to Miau for a followup quest
  2. Preparing Oneself (87)

Miau at -1564, -539, -2346

Rui at -1573, -536, -2412

Nipik at -1632, -535, -2430

  1. A Dying Idol (87) - given by Yue or Rox, an Othmir Messenger, after completing all of the above Fina's Retreat quests, sends you to Nipik
  2. Plots and Twists (88)

Diu at -1569, -539, -2340

Nipik at -1632, -535, -2430

Rui at -1573, -536, -2414

Osh in Fina's Retreat
Osh in Fina's Retreat
Osh at -1632, -535, -2429
  1. The End of an Era (88) - available after completing A New Calling
  2. The Essence of a Prophet (90 Heroic) - Heritage Quest

Beckavar at -1391, -509, -2258

  1. Snippy Neighbors (89) - given by Yue or Rox, an Othmir Messenger, after completing The End of an Era, sends you to Beckavar

Jel'ziz Amun at -1382,-533,-2273

  1. Clues in the Dust (87)
  2. Focus on the Ice (87)
  3. Power From the Tower (87 Heroic)

Laput Crackgear at -1381,-533,-2270

Aidia Mispah at -1378,-533,-2272

Erus Dal'viv at -1373, -533, -2268

Splish at -1372, -539, -2191
NOTE: Splish's quest is only given to players who have decreased their faction with the Othmir of Velious so much that they cannot receive the normal quests (and are likely kos).

Othmir Fishing Camp

The fishing camp is part of Fina's Retreat, but is a short distance away from the main othmir camp of the Great Divide. The othmir here are dedicated to the provisioning of their kin.

Narp at -1344, -534, -2155

Nia at -1402, -538, -2098

  1. When Sharks Attack (87)
  2. A Desperate Attempt (87)

Runt at -1373, -534, -2146

Snowfang Isle

The gnolls of the Iceclad Oceans were once numerous and prosperous. Now they are only a husk of what they once were. With the undead on their doorstep and their numbers too lower to even feed themselves, they face extinction.

You must know the Gnollish language to work on the quests at this hub.

Thurr at -945, -519, -2122

Mirna Greatfrost at -941, -519, -2145

  1. Killing a Dying Race (89) - available after completing Chew the Fat
  2. Rescuing the Dead (89)
  3. A Helping Hand (89)

Snaps at -907, -521, -2135

  1. So Very Hungry (89) - available after completing Mirna's quest Killing a Dying Race
  2. It's Fish or Nothing (89)

Raawl at -922, -520, -2130

Bitter at -914, -521, -2017

Thurr at -945, -519, -2122

  1. To Be Up and To Arm (89) - available after completing Mirna's quest Killing a Dying Race
  2. Testing Their Icy Grip (89)
  3. Riding the Winds of Change (90) - examine a strange shield to begin the quest; sends you to Thurgadin Harbor

Keel at -909, -524, -2182
NOTE: Keel's quest is only given to players who have decreased their faction with the Snowfang Gnolls so much that they cannot receive the normal quests (and are likely kos).

Tower of Frozen Shadow

The Tower of Frozen Shadow is the home of Tserrina Syl'Tor. Imprisoned in the tower by her former lover, Mayong Mistmoore, Tserrina now brings nothing but misery and death to the Great Divide. It is up to you to stop her and her minions once and for all.

Captain Gunnhilde Bluebeard at -1102,-526,-1723

Thurgadin Harbor

Captain Bin Nalot, a simple gnome pirate captain, has been longing for the open seas. Alas, she cannot fulfill her dream, as she has no vessel! She has requested help in building or commissioning a new vessel that is seaworthy for her pirating needs!

The grand statues of Thurgadin Harbor
The grand statues of Thurgadin Harbor
Bellik Coldthunder at 1301,-540,405

Captain Bin Nalot at 1298,-540,409

  1. She's a Little Dinghy (90)
  2. The Fate of the Glaciersmash (90)
  3. Time S.I.N.K. (90)
  4. Dimension Retention (90)
  5. Cache 'em Out (90)
  6. Captain's Orders (90) - sends you to Vira for the Order of Rime quests

Kagur and Lagur Thunderbeard at 1197,-533,455

  1. Pelts and Pups (90) - must first complete Captain Bin Nalot's quest She's a Little Dinghy
  2. Taking a Bite Out of Rime (90)
  3. Upon the Wolves of War (90)

Dran Frostdown at 1171,-480,421

Jubie Cyclocrank at 1257,-475,607

  1. Subtle 'Splosions (90) - available after helping out Captain Bin Nalot with her quests
  2. Big Badda Boom Powder (90)

Dort Lumrick at 1243,-540,268

  1. Piracy for Dummies (90) - available after helping out Captain Bin Nalot with her quests
  2. A Page From Their Book (90)
  3. Printing Pressganger (90)

See also: Coldain Daily Solo Missions

Order of Rime

Vira Warcarver at the Thurgadin Harbor seeks adventurers that have obtained ally standing with the Order of Rime for some undercover, covert missions.

The Order of Rime quests require that you have the Order of Rime Shardhammer Illusion (or the Sleetsaber or Flurryburst illusions) that would have been received back when you were originally sent undercover in the Fens of Nathsar. If you no longer have the illusion, return to Sliza Xarezia in Fens of Nathsar for a new one.

Vira Warcarver on the Thurgadin Docks at 1206,-480,447

Bargbae Skullhelm in Storm Gorge at 488,-378,1213

  1. Break in Communication (90) - available after completing Back in Rime
  2. Skullhelm's Scrying Plans (90)
  3. Scrying on Thurgadin (90)
  4. Coldazed Dwarves (90)

Grand Restorer Lingwal in Hold of Rime: The Fortress Spire at -161,0,-8

Adrad Postumius in Storm Gorge at 440,-378,1290

  1. Iced Defenders (90) - available after completing Scrying on Thurgadin
  2. Release the Hounds! (90)
  3. Zakhary's Role (90)
  4. Remove the Reinforcements (90) - repeatable

Fedya in Storm Gorge at 351,-352,1398

  1. Icy Destruction (90) - available after completing Scrying on Thurgadin
  2. Melting the Troubles Away (90)
  3. Thurgadin Thinning (90)
  4. Poison on the Menu (90)


To enter Thurgadin from the Great Divide, either click on the door on the Thurgadin Harbor at 1111, -470, 442 or click on the door behind a waterfall in Dain's Last Stand at 745, -185, 39 .

Icebridge Crossway in Thurgadin
Icebridge Crossway in Thurgadin
Almil Brokenaxe by The Velium Keg at 716,-313,402

Ullvar Silverbeard in Remembrance Park at 544,-288,437

Cryomancer Eriden inside The Temple of Brell at 562,-215,252

Melowen Stonehand inside The Temple of Brell at 518,-214,247

General Thalgus Icemaul within The Throne of the Dains at 83,-278,200

The Duality (Al'Kabor/Dartain) inside The Temple of Brell

  1. The Fallen Swords: Sins of the Past (95 Heroic) - Signature Quest. Available after completing the Great Divide quest The Fallen Swords: Mystery in the Shadows.
  2. The Fallen Swords: Reasons and Rime (95 Heroic) - Signature Quest.
  3. The Fallen Swords: Here, There Be Giants (95 Heroic) - Signature Quest.

Storm Gorge

General Thalgus Icemaul at 1041,-425,763

  1. Snow Tracking (90) - available after completing Differing Opinions
  2. Mustering the Troops (90)
  3. Advance Notice (90)
  4. Staggering Blow (90)
  5. Demoralization (90)

Blacksmith Grilin at 1040,-425,747

Elnia Felmerai at 1057,-424,755

  1. Igneous Genius (90)
  2. Geology Lesson (90)
  3. Cold Stone Collection (90)

Mazni Nah'fal at 1056,-425,758

Spotter Delna at 772,-394,739

Storm Gorge Staging Camp

Tora Coldcarver at 540,-360,873

Bergna Veliumsmiter at 520,-357,838 (Bergna offers missions so her quests will rotate.)

Ragna Orcsmasher at 521,-357,834

Frida Honormace at 516,-357,825

Fleinn Rocksteel at 521,-357,825

Nollarr Goodforger at 525,-357,830

Viglundr Doomforge at 526,-357,824

Goahmari Village

High within the mountains of Velious live a peaceful herd of goat men, known as the Goahmari. They claim to have lived high above the conflicts upon Velious within their secluded village for centuries. Recently though they have come under attack by the Order of Rime! They are looking for help defending their village and way of life.

You cannot get quests in Goahmari Village if you are using the Order of Rime Sleetsaber Illusion. Canceling the illusion buff will allow you to get quests.

Flying Mount

All of the following quests are required to receive your flying mount through adventuring. There are five more quests beyond the ones given in the village.
See Destiny of Velious Flying Mount Series for more information.

Goahmari Village
Goahmari Village
Billie at 327,-15,537
  1. Border Defense (90)
  2. Battle Instruction (90)
  3. Fightin' Ice with Ice (90)

Gyatso at 364,-15,453

  1. Calming the Storm (90) - must first complete Billie's quest Fightin' Ice with Ice
  2. Reverence for Life (90)

Norbu at 551,-37,357

  1. The Wounded Pride (90) - must first complete Gyatso's quest Reverence for Life
  2. Wing Wranglin' (90)

Freeblood Mount

This series is only available to Freebloods, and will change your Cloud of Bats mount ability to be able to take flight. Only Freebloods who already own the Cloud of Bats ability can begin this series.
See Destiny of Velious Flying Mount Series for more information.

Drammind Gul at 349,-14,428

  1. Reverence for Unlife (90)
  2. A Call to Home (90)
  3. For Former Friends (90)
  4. Flight Reading (90)

Other Quests

Amdo at 303,-15,512

  1. Amdo's Defenses (90) - must first complete Gyatso's quest Reverence for Life
  2. Amdo's Offense (90) - repeatable

Gyatso at 364,-15,453

Delafar Nelmaise at 343,-15,476

Hircus at 585, -37, 317

Fae and Arasai Flight

This series is only available to level 85+ Fae and Arasai and will grant an ability that will allow them to take flight.
See Fae and Arasai Flight for more information.

This series starts with Aarne Hillevi in Great Divide. He is at 556, 191, 315 on top of the Goahmari Village griffon cave.

  1. Aim For the Sky
  2. The Sky's The Limit
  3. Counting Their Blessings
  4. Blowing In The Wind
  5. The Weight of History
  6. And Straight On Till Morning

Forward Base Camp

Ralo Bravehelm has established a Forward Base Camp to monitor the Ry'Gorr Clan's movements in the Great Divide. He is seeking brave adventurers to help him fight the orcs in the frozen wasteland.

Ralo Bravehelm at -233,-289,405

  1. Make Them Deceased Sleetsabers (90) - offered after completing the quest Stuck Between Rime and Ry'Gorr
  2. Crystalline Crevasse Captive (90)
  3. Message to Keep (90) - sends you to Eastern Wastes

Vada Doomquartz at -221,-291,405

  1. A View of the Ruins (90) - available after completing Crystalline Crevass Captive
  2. Disturbance Potential (90)
  3. Threats Against the Flightmaster (90)

Borotar Pickbeard at -216, -291, 407

  1. Wands for a Good Reason (90) - available after completing Crystalline Crevass Captive
  2. Slain Grunts are Useful Grunts (90)
  3. Order of Rime Frame Job (90)
  4. Operation Rime Reduction (90) - repeatable quest

Yutte Rocksword at -246,-289,395

  1. Crystalline Acid Collection (89) - available after completing Crystalline Crevass Captive
  2. Acid Washed Velium (90)
  3. Diamond Dust Duty (90)

Stoick Vastsmasher at -255,-289,402

Signy Silverbreaker at -250,-289,399

Herga Grimblade at -250,-289,402

Blisterrock Ridge

Coldain Insignia Ring Heritage Quest

  • Coldain Insignia Ring - Examine an ice-encased corpse at 274, -333, -443 on the Ring War Battlefield (where the public quest is) in Great Divide to get the quest starter.

Rivra Prayercrystal at 111,-346,-598

Hilgan Gravelheart at 119,-346,-594

  1. Echoes of the Past (90) - available after completing Set Free the Spirits
  2. Unlocking His Memories (90)
  3. Cryomancer Involvement (90)
  4. Walking Through History (90)

Gareri Greatslasher at 115,-346,-603

  1. Fetch Me a Bone (90)
  2. Greatslasher Ghost Removal (90)

Jelgith Heartwood at 110,-345,-622

  1. Point of Attacks (87)
  2. Ominous Hints (90)

Felnon Rockground at 109,-346,-618

Adebi Ka'nabi at 113,-345,-621

Cala Giantender at 70,-331,-522

  1. Axes to Grind (90)
  2. It's a Trap! (90)

Rivra Prayercrystal at 111,-346,-598

Daggerflow Camp

The area around Daggerflow Glacier is known for harsh beauty and rugged terrain. Ry'Gorr orcs and the Tizmak clan have longer thrived in its shadow and are masters at survival. There have been rumors of a Teir'Dal being injured while assisting travelers through the region near Daggerflow Glacier. Talk to Zalyn D'Kilneld if you are curious to learn the truth.

Zalyn D'Kilneld at -114,-336,-27

  1. Abducting the Abductors (90)
  2. A Drum to Beat (90)
  3. Tizmak Targets (90)

Bethra Lartius at -117,-335,-29

  1. Recipe for Ice (90) - must first complete Zalyn's quest Abducting the Abductors
  2. Bethra's Crystal Desires (90)

Zalyn D'Kilneld at -114,-336,-27

  1. Tizmak Treasure Seeker (90) - available after completing Bethra's Crystal Desires
    • IMPORTANT! Read the dialogues carefully at the end of this quest!
  2. Delightfully Evil (90) -OR- The Tizmak's Advocate (90)
    • Delightfully Evil - Choose to say "Now that I know how things stand, yes, I believe we can continue our association." (continues with Zalyn)
    • The Tizmak's Advocate - Choose to say "I'm not a servant of evil! To the Ether with you! If there's a chance at redemption I will choose it!" (see Tizmak Caves below)
  3. Tizmak Termination (90) - this quest and any following from Daggerflow Camp are only available if you chose to side with Zalyn
  4. Tizmak Treasure Taker (90)
  5. Best Served Cold (90)
  6. Goin' On Up (90) - examine a D'Kilneld Company Map after completing Best Served Cold; sends you to the Goahmari Village

Tizmak Caves

The treacherous dark elf, Zalyn D'Kilneld, has dropped his pretense of benevolence and attempted to recruit you into his campaign against the Tizmak. You turned away from him and met Toridar Mudhoof, a hero of the Tizmak clan, who has agreed to help you regain your lost honor.

This quest hub can only be done by players who choose to redeem themselves instead of following Zalyn's evil ways at the Daggerflow Camp.

Inside the lower Tizmak Caves
Inside the lower Tizmak Caves
Toridar Mudhoof near the Crystalline Crevasses
  1. Tizmak Atonement (90) - only available if you complete the quest The Tizmak's Advocate
  2. A Chance at Redemption (90)

Naruk Bloodfur at -489,-383,-130

Tamke Mudhoof at -492,-383,-116

  1. Percussion Compensation (90) - available after completing A Chance at Redemption
  2. Two Wrongs Making it Right (90)
  3. Tell it on the Mountain (90) - sends you to the Goahmari Village

Sodok Herdblade at -504,-383,-127

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