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Job Description

Elvaan Dragoon
Elvaan Dragoon
Masters of the lance, dragoons can command creatures known as Wyverns. They are renowned for their ability to leap great heights and land powerful jumping attacks. Dragoons use their Wyverns and their own jumping abilities to turn the tide of a battle.
The Dragoon job is available after completion of The Holy Crest.

Spells and Abilities

Job Abilities

Job Abilities are activated abilities unique to a specific job that enhance job performance in some way. This can include, but is not limited to, increasing armor or damage for a short time, initiating a special attack or triggering a party buff.

Level Name Recast Duration Effect
1 Call Wyvern 00:20:00 N/A Summons a wyvern to fight with you.
5 Ancient Circle 00:10:00 00:01:00 Increases the party's defense against dragons.
10 Jump 00:01:30 N/A Performs Jump Attack. Jump has a 50% VIT damage modifier.
25 Spirit Link 00:03:00 N/A Transfers HP to your Wyvern.
35 High Jump 00:03:00 N/A Performs High Jump Attack. Some Emnity is lost
50 Super Jump 00:03:00 N/A Performs Super Jump Attack. All Emnity is lost.
75 Merit Deep Breathing 00:15:00 N/A Enhances effect of next wyvern breath.
75 Merit Angon 00:03:00 N/A Expends an angon to lower an enemy's defense.

Job Traits

Job Traits are passive abilities that are always active for your job. Job Traits often boost stats, increase mp regeneration, or add resistances to status effects.

Level Name Description
10 Attack Bonus I Increases power of physical attacks.
25 Dragon Killer Occasionally causes intimidation in Dragon type mobs.
30 Accuracy Bonus I Increases accuracy of psychical attacks.
50 Accuracy Bonus II Further increases accuracy of physical attacks.
75 Merit Strafe Enhances the accuracy of wyvern's breath attack.
75 Merit Empathy Copies beneficial status effects to wyvern when using spirit link.

Two-Hour Abilities

Two-Hour Abilities are job-specific active abilities with a cool down timer of two hours. These are often incredibly powerful abilities, but often have adverse effects as well such as depleting an MP pool or dealing physical damage to the player.

Level Name Recast Duration Effect
1 Spirit Surge 02:00:00 N/A Adds your wyvern's strength to your own, wyvern must be present before use. When activated the Dragoon's maximum hp increases and the Wyvern's current hp and tp is transferred to the Dragoon. Jump, High Jump, and Super Jump recast timers are reset to zero, and Jump and High Jump's accuracy is increased to near 100%. During the effect, Jump will induce a moderate Defense down effect on the mob, High Jump reduces the mob's tp by an amount proportional to the damage inflicted, and Super Jump reduces the enmity of the party or alliance member behind the Dragoon. An effect of 25% Haste is given to the Dragoon, and the Dragoon receives a STR boost based on its level.

Pet Abilities

Some jobs go into battle with a faithful pet at their side, pet abilities allow these jobs to issue commands to their pet in order to have them attack, follow, stay and even cast beneficial or damage spells.

Dragoon is a unique pet class when compared to jobs like Beastmaster and Puppetmaster in that instead of having player-activated pet abilities, A wyvern's breath abilities are triggered by the Dragoon preforming a weaponskill. In addition, which breath a wyvern uses is determined by the subjob of the Dragoon.

Non-Magic using subjobs like (but not limited to) Warrior, Thief, Samurai, and Monk will cause the wyvern to use a random elemental breath attack that causes damage to the mob. While jobs like White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage and Summoner will trigger healing breath abilities that will only activate if the Dragoon or a party member is 1/3 or below their total health. Other jobs like Paladin, Dark Knight, Ninja and Bard will allow your wyvern to use both damage and healing breath abilities, however, the healing breath trigger is lowered to 1/4 HP and will only work on the Dragoon themselves.


Weapon skills are abilities that become available when a player has gained 100+ TP while damaging a mob with their weapon. All weapons, with the exception of Thrown and Instruments have their own set of weaponskills. Weaponskill availability is dependent on a player's skill level with the weapon as well as the weapon itself.

Combat Skill Skill Rating Level 37 Level 60 Level 75
Polearm A+ 114 203 276
Staff B- 109 196 240
Sword C- 105 190 220
Club E 94 171 200
Dagger E 94 171 200
Evasion C- 105 190 220
Parrying C 105 190 225

Sub-job Combinations


When you reach level 75 in any job you can begin to "Merit" that job along with attributes that will carry over to all your other jobs making it possible to make yourself even more versatile through new spells abilities and upgrades on other attributes, abilities, and spells

Group 1
Name Description
Ancient Circle Recast Each upgrade to this skill reduces the recast time by 20 seconds.
Jump Recast Each upgrade to this skill reduces the recast time by 3 seconds.
High Jump Recast Each upgrade to this skill reduces the recast time by 6 seconds.
Super Jump Recast Each upgrade to this skill reduces the recast time by 6 seconds.
Spirit Link Recast Each upgrade to this skill reduces the recast time by 6 seconds.
Group 2
Name Description
Deep Breathing Your wyvern's next breath attack is enhanced. Each additional upgrade to this ability reduces the recast time by 2 minutes 30 seconds.
Angon Consume an Angon to inflict the target with Defense Down for 30 seconds. Each additional upgrade to this ability increases the debuff duration by 15 seconds, but cannot exceed 1 minute.
Empathy This Job Trait allows beneficial buffs on the Dragoon to also apply to the wyvern. Each additional upgrade to this trait allows one more buff to copy, but caps at 3.
Strafe This Job Trait decreases the chance your wyvern's breath attack will be resisted. Each additional upgrade to this trait grants an additional 5 wyvern breath accuracy.

Artifact and Relic sets

Artifact Artifact +1 Relic Relic +1
Drachen Armet Drachen Armet +1 Wyrm Armet Wyrm Armet +1
Drachen Mail Drachen Mail +1 Wyrm Mail Wyrm Mail +1
Drachen Finger Gauntlets Drachen Finger Gauntlets +1 Wyrm Finger Gauntlets Wyrm Finger Gauntlets +1
Drachen Brais Drachen Brais +1 Wyrm Brais Wyrm Brais +1
Drachen Greaves Drachen Greaves +1 Wyrm Greaves Wyrm Greaves +1
Peregrine Wyrm Belt

Other Info

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