EQ2 Quest:Disrupt the Sathirian Efforts  

The quest level scales with players level.

  1. I should place traps around the pilgrim camp
    • I need to place 5 spike traps in the places indicated by the golden glows. The glows look like shinys without punctuation in them.
    • Speak to Irkksom.
  2. I Should bring forth a manifestation of the Avatar of Cazic-Thule.
    • speak to Neffarus Rissner.
    • I should pour the Cazic-Thule Illusion Potion near the Sathirian Camp at 27,-1,137 , causing the False Avatar of Fear to spawn and scare the pants off the Sathirians.
    • Speak to Irkksom to receive the pristine marinier's chart
  3. You can now complete Mysterious Pilgrims/Unwanted Guests.

Mysterious Pilgrims Kunark Rising
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