EQ2 Quest:Mysterious Pilgrims  

The level of this quest scales to players level.

  1. Speak to Admiral Marc Grenich in Qeynos Harbor
  2. Use the Mariner's Bell ("Travel outside of Qeynos" bell) to journey to the Feerrott. Note: The regular routes to Feerrott will not update the quest.
  3. Speak to the Iksar Pilgrim, Serddonik Sothar.
  4. I must find the encampment and help them resist the Sathirians advances.
    • Kill a Sathirian Scout on my way to the pilgrim Encampment near 78, 3, 22.sathirian
    • Kill a Sathirian Scout Leader on my way to the pilgrim Encampment, near 117, -1, 102 .
    • Speak to Irkksom Svetann to receive Disrupt the Sathirian Efforts. Complete this quest to get the chart.

Joining the Crew of the QSS Valiance Kunark Rising
Quest Series
Disrupt the Sathirian Efforts
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