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The Koada'Dal, more commonly known as High Elves, are good-aligned Elf race. They hail from the city of Felwithe, which is located on edge of Greater Faydark.

They are cousins to the Feir'Dal, with whom they share a common ancesteral bond through the Elves of Light that formerly resided on the continent of Tunaria. The two were of a common race before Solusek Ro scorched the area surrounding their city of Takish-Hiz, forcing the Elves of Light to flee to the Faydwer continent. The scorched desert became known as the Desert of Ro (separated into two parts previously by the Oasis of Marr). As humans evolved and came to power, the Qeynosian leaders renamed Tunaria to Antonica.

The Koada'Dal, much like their cousins, worship Tunare, the Mother of All. They also harbor a strong hatred evil races and classes, especially for the Teir'Dal.

High Elves share many personality traits with Erudites of Odus. They have a strong affinity to magic; much of their time is spent studying runes, writs, and the arcane. This has resulted in elevated starting intelligence and wisdom as compared to many other races. As such, High Elves tend to start with lower physical statistics as compared to others (such as ogres or trolls).

High Elves may become clerics, enchanters, magicians (mages), paladins, and wizards.

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