Erudite (EQ2 Character Race)  

Racial Information
Starting Cities
Good: Kelethin or New Halas
Evil: Gorowyn or Neriak
Starting Attributes
ClassesMage, Priest
ProfessionsSage, Alchemist, Tinkerer
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Racial Traditions

Erudite: Seekers of Arcane Knowledge

  • Racial Homeland: Erudin or Paineel on the continent of Odus
  • Mythical Creator: No direct creator

With their unsurpassed intelligence, Erudites make extraordinary mages. Their wisdom also serves them well on the path of the priest.

Erudites are related to humans and share many similar features. They have devoted their lives to the pursuit of knowledge and intellect. Having chosen this path, the Erudites are usually slight in build compared to humans - a characteristic stemming from their distaste for conventional labor. The erudites have shifted further from their human origins in their quest for master of the arcane arts. Their bodies have become even thinner, but still maintain a defined musculature. Their eyes glow with mystical power and their skin tone has changed to shades of gray.

Though descended from normal Humans, Erudites eschew all ties to their less intellectual ancestry. Disciples of the great mage Erud, they long ago left the shores of Antonica and headed west to the barren coast of Odus. It was here that the city of Erudin was founded as a bastion of intelligence and culture. With high towers built of white marble, Erudin possesses a lofty beauty unsurpassed by any other work of man. Some years after the founding of the City of High Men, a sect of Erudites began practicing the art of necromancy after obtaining the knowledge from the dark elves. Labeled Heretics, these outcasts rebelled against their own people, and a terrible civil war broke out upon Odus. Magical forces took a horrible toll on all involved, and in a final epic battle a great hole was torn into the ground that touched the fringe of the underfoot itself. Erudites consider all other races to be inferior, and have no qualms about saying so - especially regarding the kerra, who the Erudites see as little more than animals.

Citizens of Erudin are devout followers of Quellious the Tranquil, whose doctrine of inner peace fits well with the discipline necessary for intellectual pursuits. An ancient order of paladins called the Deepwater Knights were devoted to Prexus, seeing the rise of the oceans as proof that their god will soon return. The Heretics of Paineel worship Cazic-Thule, applying the power of Fear as a means of controlling lesser beings.

Sentinel's Fate

EverQuest II's sixth expansion, Sentinel's Fate, will take place in Odus and promises to explore the lore behind the Void Incursion, Kerrans and Erudites.

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