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This is the new starting area announced at Fan Faire 2009, originally slated for release with GU55. It was delayed and released with GU56.

Halas is the traditional home of the Barbarians. It has been strongly noted by developers that Halas was completely destroyed, and New Halas is not the Halas of EQ. New Halas can be found nestled inside a glacier in the heart of the Frostfang Sea. While the guards of this city will tolerate all visitors, only good aligned players are permitted to create or move here. Qeynos and Kelethin citizens can become a citizen of New Halas by completing the quest Moving to New Halas.

As learned during the prelude event, A Vision of Valor, Mithaniel Marr sought out this glacier and placed within this newly found city the statue of Erollisi Marr that was crafted by the Forge God, Varig Ro. Barbarians and Frogloks primarly moved to the city to work with the native Coldain in its refounding.

The Frostfang Sea Quest Series will take players from level 1 through level 20 as they journey through Frostfang. The Ry'Gorr orcs are some of the main antagonizers of this area and are encountered frequently throughout the zone.

For players seeking New Halas from outside locations, if can be reached by traveling via any World Bell, or by a griffon flight from Butcherblock Mountains. Travel within New Halas and Frostfang Sea is outlined below.

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New players can speak to Warden Bretta if they are the first time buyers of a home. The merchant Corna Kilgour offers unique housing items to place inside your new home.

There are many houses ranging from a two room apartment to a six room manor. The four and six room homes have both a status and non-status option for buyers. The status options have guild level requirements, while the non-status options have no requirements.

For the full listing of prices and requirements, along with a gallery of pictures, check out our New Halas Housing Guide.

Places of Interest


These locations within the city give discovery experience the first time you encounter them.


These are other buildings found within New Halas that do not reward discovery experience.





City Tasks

Depending on your level, one of these taskmasters may offer you a city task that will reward The City of New Halas faction.

There are further tasks for the city for higher levels, but they are given in different zones.



These merchants provide general wares to citizens and visitors to New Halas. The tradeskill merchants can be found in a different section.


The local tradeskill faction is called the Ravens of the North. These NPCs are all found within the crafting area of Ravens' Roost.


Other NPCs

This NPCs offer important city services, but are too few to have their own category.


All ways in and out of the city via other zones is through the Erollis Dock. At the docks you will find the:

To reach New Halas directly from Pilgrims' Landing (the new character starting location), swim south-southwest to the main glacier, and you will find a tunnel that feeds directly into the city around -41,25,-329 . If you don't feel like swimming, the tunnel entrance is a bit east of where the raft will drop you off at once you reach Gwenevyn's Cove.

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Game Update #56
Halas Reborn
May 25, 2010

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