Gods (Rift)  

Gods are beings with powers incomprehensible to lesser beings. There may be more than just the dragons of the Blood Storm and the gods of the Vigil.

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Gods of the Vigil

  • Tavril - The Land, goddess and Creator of the Elves
  • Theodor - The Sword, god of Men and war
  • Mariel-taun - The Heart, goddess of Nature
  • Bahralt - The City - god and creator of the Dwarves. Patron god of Civilization.
  • Thontic - The Sea - god of Wisdom and Strategy

In Sanctum you may find Shrines to the gods. Only one Shrine will be present in the city at any one time as they cycle in and out. The devout will find that each Shrine bestows a different blessing.

Dragons of the Blood Storm

The dragons of the Blood Storm are the rulers of the six elemental Planes.

AkyliosWater Knowledge, Nightmares and InsanityThe AbyssalOfficial Lore
CruciaAirQueen of Storms The Storm Legion
GreenscaleLife Growth unboundHouse AelfwarOfficial Lore
LaethysEarth GreedThe Golden Maw
MaelforgeFire DestructionThe Wanton
RegulosDeathThe Destroyer of WorldsEntropyThe Endless Court

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