Rift Mob:Akylios  

Chronicle: Hammerknell Fortress
Painstalker Broodmother
Valeri Prime
Rune King Molinar
Prince Dollin

Hammerknell Fortress
Matron Zamira
Soulrender Zilas
Rune King Molinar
Prince Dollin
Inquisitor Garau
Inwar Darktide

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Akylios is the last boss of the Hammerknell Fortress 20 man raid instance released the summer of 2011 at the end of the 1.3 patch world event . Considered by many the hardest (pre-nerf) and most successful encounter seen in the game to date. The fight consists of 4 different phases originally lasting about 20 minutes. Considered by many a "guild killer" due to its complexity, length and punishing - raid member eliminating from phase three onwards - mechanics

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