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Jormag is the ice Elder Dragon and is sometimes simply called "Dragon" by the Norn. Jormag awoke in the Far Shiverpeaks in 1165 AE, causing the kodan to flee the icy seas and battling the Norn inhabitants there. Before its awakening, it resided within Drakkar Lake. In 1078 AE, Jormag whispered promises of power to Svanir and turned him into the dragon's first champion, a half-norn half-bear covered in ice known as the Nornbear, and also robbed his sister, Jora, of her ability to "become the bear." Since Svanir, there has been a cult of Norn known as the Sons of Svanir. Over the years, Jormag drew on their powers and hastened his own awakening.

Jormag's rise caused earthquakes that cracked and shattered the northernmost lands, allowing the icy northern ocean to flood through and create new, inland seas. These new inland seas are now inhabited by some refugee kodan Sanctuaries. Jormag also caused a rise in the tide of the northern ocean which capsized and tore apart many other of the kodan's iceburg cities.

Although powerful fighters, the Norn were no match for the dragon's creatures of snow and ice known as the icebrood and were driven south into the abandoned Dwarven territories. The dragon's forces now occupy the area around Drakkar Lake and Gunnar's Hold, the later having been torn apart by a glacier. However, before he pushed the Norn a mighty Norn warrior, Asgeir, was able to cut out a fang from Jormag's mouth before leading his people south with the aid of the Spirits of the Wild. The tooth is now kept in Hoelbrak where the Norn test their heroes against it. It is believed that when a hero damages the tooth, that hero will be capable of defeating Jormag once and for all.

Jormag is often referred to as being a living blizzard.

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