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The norn are a race of nine-foot tall nordic warriors that currently inhabit parts of Kryta and the abandoned dwarven fortresses in the Shiverpeak Mountains. The individualistic norn live for the hunt, so their tracking, stealth and killing skills make them invaluable allies in any combat situation. The largest gathering of norn one can expect to find outside trading posts is in hunting parties that have united to combat a powerful foe.

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Race overview

The norn are a healthy, hearty, proud people, quick to anger and equally quick to forgive.[1] Driven south by the dragon Jormag, their culture in tatters, the norn now hunt among the abandoned dwarven forts of the Shiverpeaks and as far afield as Kryta. New norn homesteads and totem lodges are spread across the high peaks and in snowy valleys of the Shiverpeaks. The largest of the norn settlements is Hoelbrak, their central meeting place. Here they seek to preserve what is to be norn, which means heroic deeds, brawling, drinking and more drinking. They do not consider themselves vanquished by Jormag, however. They think of this as a temporary retreat.

The norn's claim to the Shiverpeaks does not go unchallenged, as the dredge have also made a claim. The norn revel in the hunt for their new enemy and the battle between them continues across the Shiverpeaks. Leaving the far Shiverpeaks has not completely removed the norn from Jormag's influence as its worshipers, the Sons of Svanir, are still active among them.

Each norn individual governs themselves, shunning all concepts of government and organized military. Instead they live by strict codes of honor and seek individual challenge to demonstrate their strength. They respect those who display strength, perform heroic deeds and have a strong sense of personal honor; thus their heroes are the closest thing to leaders among the norn. Their views on strength affect their relations with the other races, they respect the strength of the charr for instance, but think the human queen is weak, relying on advisers rather than making strong decisions herself.

The common norn attire may seem rather light, considering they live in the ice and snow. However, it seems norn are capable of generating a great amount of body heat even when just slightly exerting themselves, which may be the reason they do not need heavy bundles of clothing over their skin.

The norn respect the great animal spirits of the wild, primarily those of the Snow Leopard, Raven, Wolf, and Bear. The norn can transform into anthropomorphic representations of these spirits, the most prevalent being the Bear.


Little is known of the history of the norn before they were first met in Guild Wars: Eye of the North.

Although for a brief period the norn were united, during the years after the Great Destroyer's downfall the norn reverted to their nomadic lifestyle. About a century later, the slumbering dragon of Drakkar Lake, Jormag, awoke and raised an army of creatures of ice and snow to serve him. Although an incredibly powerful race, the norn stood as individuals, and were no match for Jormag's creatures. His forces pushed the norn southward into the mountains abandoned by the dwarves, where they came into contact with the dredge.

Playing as a norn

During character creation, a norn may choose a totem. A norn's choice of animal totem affects the personal story of the character, but will not restrict the forms that the norn can transform into as the racial ability.

Players may choose to walk the path from the following:

These choices will affect the character's personal story, but not their powers.[2]

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