Kaladim (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Quest Series
Starting ZoneKaladim
Rec. Levels35 to 45
Previous Butcherblock
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EverQuest II
Quest Series


The Irontoe Brigade

The majority of these quests begin in Butcherblock Mountains but will take place inside Kaladim.

Captain T.B. Irontoe

Found inside West Fort Irontoe.

  1. Planting and Plundering (31 Heroic)
  2. A Couple Ringlets Missing (33 Heroic) - click on a box at -21, 44, -128

Captain E.L. Irontoe

Found inside West Fort Irontoe.

  1. A Tale of Two Towers (31 Heroic)
  2. Dunfire Diamonds are a Dwarf's Best Friend (32 Heroic)
    • Gem Analyzer (32) - click on a gem analyzer at -96,45,-189

Other Quests

All of these quests begin in Kaladim by interacting with objects.

  • Burning the Black Sun Grizzly Rug (33 Heroic) - click on a rug at 197, 18, -93

Stormguard Hall

These quests begin in Stormguard Hall, an instanced zone inside Kaladim. You must complete the access quest Burning the Black Sun Grizzly Rug to be able to enter this zone.

  • Refurbished Goods (34 Heroic) - speak to General Canloe Nusback
  • Remnants of a Traitor (34 Heroic) - speak to General Hogunk Ventille
  • The Terrok Strongbox (34 Heroic) - click on a box at 195, 17, -66

Signature Quests

Several signature quests partially take place in Kaladim. The following are the series in which they are a part of and only the quests associated with this zone.

  • The Stormhammer
    1. The Hammer of Below - Collection; Examine a chest at -101, 46, -81 .
    2. The Stormhammer - Begins in Stormguard Hall.

Collection Quests

Game Update 56

Game Update #56
Halas Reborn
May 25, 2010

In GU56, Kaladim was changed from a mid-60s heroic dungeon to a mid-to-high 30s heroic dungeon. This allowed players just finishing up the Butcherblock series to group up and head into here.

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