Butcherblock Mountains (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Butcherblock Mountains
Quest Series
Starting ZoneButcherblock Mountains
Rec. Levels20 to 35
Previous Greater Fay
Timorous Deep
Frostfang Sea
Next Steamfont Mountains
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

Long ago the rugged Butcherblock Mountains served as the training grounds for young dwarves emerging from the gates of the underground city of Kaladim. Now, however, the mighty dwarven city has fallen to hordes of kobolds, bugbears, and other malicious beasts. While the Irontoe Brigade prepares to take back their beloved home, young adventurers are being asked to assist the dwarves in cleansing their lands of the numerous threats found in the mountains.


These achievements are exclusive to Butcherblock Mountains.


Though not required to begin the Butcherblock Docks series, the quest at the Greater Faydark Griffon Tower is a lead-in for those first entering from the Greater Faydark.

Sarnak Sympathizer

This series leads you through many of the major points of interest in the zone and spans over almost fifteen levels. It can be independently completed apart from the other Butcherblock quests if you are just desiring the Legendary charm reward from the final quest.

  1. Sarnak Sympathizer: Part 1 (20) - speak to Raghunatha on the Butcherblock Docks
  2. Dark Tides (25) - speak to Griss Brumbaugh on the Butcherblock Docks
  3. Picking Up the Pieces (27) - speak to Grimshaw Packwright at East Fort Irontoe
  4. Ain't No Monkey Business (28) - speak to Grimshaw Packwright at East Fort Irontoe
  5. Simple Grunt Work (30) - speak to Paix Hormezyar at West Fort Irontoe
  6. When You Mess With An Angry Dwarf (33) - speak to Paix Hormezyar at West Fort Irontoe
  7. Solid Foundation (34) - speak to Holdyn Mackendrick at West Fort Irontoe
  8. Sarnak Sympathizer: Part 2 (34) - speak to Holdyn Mackendrick at West Fort Irontoe

Helping Gorowyn

You must first complete a small series of quests in Timorous Deep, starting with Staging Points, to continue this series in Butcherblock.

  1. Help in the Highlands (22) - speak to Researcher Kiman on the Butcherblock Docks
  2. Trail of Feathers (22) - speak to Researcher Bredik at the Highland Outposts
  3. Where Spirocs Dare (22) - speak to Researcher Bredik at the Highland Outposts
  4. Birds of a Feather (22) - speak to Researcher Bredik at the Highland Outposts

Butcherblock Docks

Along the base of the sharp cliffs where the western half of Butcherblock Mountains collapsed into the sea, the Butcherblock Docks serve as the landing point for all those traveling to Faydwer by sea.

Dockmaster Waulon

  1. Dock Delinquency (20)
  2. Coin for the Captain (21)
  3. Nautical Disaster (22)
  4. Seeking Brulten Hiltstill (24) - sends you to Brulten Hiltstill at the Highland Outposts

The Highland Outposts

The Highland Outposts are located at the top of the cliffs just east from the Butcherblock Docks.

Argro Durthor

  1. The Yarpsnarls (23)
  2. The Many Uses of Carapace (23)
  3. Irontoe Brigade Requisition Lists (23)
  4. Delivery to Verung (24) - sends you to Verung Kae'Rush at West Fort Irontoe

Brulten Hiltstill

  1. The Kobold and the Beautiful (22)
  2. Muckflick Message Intercepted! (22)
  3. Seeking the Kilnkors (23) - sends you to Jonedorn Kilnkorn at West Fort Irontoe

Highland Research Camp

The research camp is north of the Highland Outpost Griffon Tower. The Harbinger of War (Rallos Zek deity quests) is found here, along with the Gorowyn City Taskmaster and several quest NPCs.

Talvrae T'Zyth

  1. For the Dogs (21)
  2. A Mind of My Own (22)

Gelgrani A'Zhi'Tel

  1. A Dim Light (23)
  2. Digging in the Yard (23)
  3. A Strange Mix (24)

Ninoin D'syl

  1. Teir'Dal Timber (22) - requires at least a skill of 90 in Foresting
  2. Fletch Me More! (28)
  3. Straight and to the Point (27)

The Golden Path

Ol' Man Silvers at the Highland Outposts starts a Hallmark quest series, The Legend of Roger Goldie, which moves you naturally through Norrath as you level. Before starting this series, he is originally found near the Highland Research Camp.

West Fort Irontoe

Having been driven out of Kaladim, the dwarves have established some small outposts in Butcherblock. West Fort Irontoe is located northwest from the Highlands.

Garl Copperstroke

  1. Silencing the Shriekers (24)
  2. Searching for Sweetdough (25) - sends you to Trinny Sweetdough near the Three Roads Outpost

Torin Hammerborn

  1. The Kragploom Message (29)
  2. Sometimes You Have to Break a Few Eggs... (30)
  3. All You Did Was Hang Around and Eat Our Eggs! (33)

Verung Kae'Rush

  1. It Was Argro's Job (25)
  2. Feeding the Irontoe Brigade (25)
  3. A Missing Package (26)
  4. Reporting to Wyrwynne (27) - sends you to Wyrwynne Shadhe at The Quarry

Jonedorn Kilnkor

  1. Axing a Favor (24)
  2. Griping Over Granitebacks (24)
  3. Finding Gloln Kilnkor (25) - sends you to Gloln Kilnkor in East Fort Irontoe

The Quarry

The Quarry can be reach by taking the central branch of the tunnel system connecting West Fort Irontoe and East Fort Irontoe.

Wyrwynne Shadhe

  1. From the Field (28)
  2. Remnants of Butcherblock (30)
  3. The Yarpsnarls... Again (32)
  4. A Kobold Relic (33)

East Fort Irontoe

East Fort Irontoe is southwest of Kaladim and can be reached via a tunnel from West Fort Irontoe.

Gloln Kilnkor

  1. A Report of an Army (29)
  2. Pillage or be Pillaged (30 Heroic)
  3. All Quiet on the Western Front? (31 Heroic)

Felderham's Folly

Felderham's Folly can be found beyond The Quarry or near the path between The Highlands and Three Roads Outpost.

Hamish Felderham

  1. Razing an Army (25)
  2. Finding Feagon for Felderham (26)
  3. The Apprentice (27)

Three Roads Outpost

This outpost is right at the Lesser Faydark Griffon Tower, near the road to Steamfont Mountains and Lesser Farkdark.

Trozusk Ripscar

  1. Trozusk's Challenge (31)
  2. A New Challenger (33)

Eneek Rialb

  1. Eneek is No Snack! (32)
  2. Eneek Needs a Snack! (32)

Deity Quests

The following deity quest NPC's have moved to the Highland Outposts:

The following deity quest NPC can be found on the path to The Estate of Unrest:

Kaladim Quests

These quests, started in Butcherblock Mountains, will send you to the Heroic zone of Kaladim.

Captain T.B. Irontoe

Found inside West Fort Irontoe.

  1. Planting and Plundering (31 Heroic)
  2. A Couple Ringlets Missing (33 Heroic)

Captain E.L. Irontoe

Found inside West Fort Irontoe.

  1. A Tale of Two Towers (31 Heroic)
  2. Dunfire Diamonds are a Dwarf's Best Friend (32 Heroic)

Other Quests

Collection Quests

Heritage Quests

One Heritage quest begins in Butcherblock Mountains.

Signature Quests

Part of the Eitholi, Blade of Fae quest series takes place in Butcherblock Mountains.

The Irontoe Brigade

The Irontoe Brigade are the hardy dwarves who seek to reclaim their home of Kaladim, and are the only faction found in this zone. The mender, Horon Bronzethumb, at West Fort Irontoe does not require faction to mend your armor. However, you will need +10,000 with The Irontoe Brigade in order to buy the Old Fashioned Dwarven Wire from him, required by the Heritage Quest, Casualties of the War of the Fay.

GU55 Changes

Game Update #55
February 16,2010

With GU55 many quest NPCs move from the Butcherblock docks and outlying areas to the top of the ramp up above, making a consolidated quest hub in the The Highlands. The Sarnak encampment down the beach has moved to the docks including the griffon to Gorowyn (which now also services Darklight Wood and Frostfang Sea), which is at 754, 56, 569 . There's a new quest hub near the Lesser Faydark zone called Three Roads Outpost; several outlying NPCs have moved there.

The Butcherblock Griffons no longer require a quest for access.

You can now access Steamfont Mountains from Butcherblock Mountains: there's a new road leading there on the Road to Lesser Faydark at -766, 100, 374 .

Characters of the right levels for Butcherblock Mountains might also enjoy Kaladim, which was revamped to a level 30-36 heroic zone with Game Update 55.

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