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Guild Wars 2
The bountiful fields of Kryta are the home of the Human, once the predominant race of Tyria. Two hundred years ago, the human empire extended for the Blazaridge Mountains east of Ascalon, through the Maguuma Jungle far to the west. As the Human race has fallen, their control has dwindled. The fields and plains of Kryta now comprise the last human kingdom in Tyria, ruled by Queen Jennah, descendant of the line of ancient Krytan kings. Within the city-stronghold of Divinity's Reach, humanity clings to a desperate hope of salvation; the dream that their race can at last find peace.

Kryta is a land of unrest. Bandits revolt against the queen's rules, claiming that her dreams of equality, peace and freedom are weaknesses. Centaurs, the original inhabitants of the northern Krytan hills, fight against the encroachment of humanity. The ministry its at odds with the queen, and and political factions tear Divinity's Reach apart from within. Only humanity's faith of the six gods, and in Queen Jennah, holds the race together against all odds.

Much has changed in Kryta. The rise of the nation of Orr flooded the coastline, destroying the city of Lion's Arch and causing the populace to retreat to the northern expanses. When the flood receded, Lion's Arch became a shantytown, built and rules by lawless outcasts and brigands. In the last century, it has matured, become a unique, cosmopolitan city that rejects the queen's rule and claims to be a free city state, open to all races and cultures. To the south, the floods ravaged the coasts, opening sheltered bays of pirates, bandits, and Hylek tribes. Kryta is a land of adventure, with a rich history and an uncertain future.

Kryta the “heartland” of Tryia. Now the last human kingdom, the Krytans have learned to be resilient, strong, and tough in the face of adversity. Despite the dark times, humanity still has heroes. There is still hope, still opportunities for victory.

The city of Divinity's Reach is made of heavy stone and mortar contrasting with the wilderness that surrounds the city. This was designed to give the city a feeling of age and solidity in a chaotic world. The carnival in the city's main plaza provides a unique setting for wonderful mini-games, amusements, and holiday celebrations.

Two hundred and fifty years have passed since Guild Wars, and in that time, humanity - like our other races - has advanced, both technologically and culturally. Clothing and weapons have become more like those of the renaissance, and magical theory has expanded to include new spells and enchantments.

Divinity's Reach is the final bastion of human civilization and culture. All races of humanity live here, exiled or unable to return to their homelands. Together, they work for the survival of their race against terrible odds - protected by the white walls of the city, and the guiding hand of their queen.

Solid stone walls and readily defended fortifications provide Divinity's Reach a sturdy foundation against worse the world can offer. In a time when the dragons threaten that very existence of the life itself in Tryia, the humans are making the most of what they have in an effort to survive.

Not all humans believe in the queen's justice, or care to clain protection within the walls of Divinity's Reach. Some have broken ties with the Human government, struck out on their own and begun to prey on the less fortunate. Humanity is crumbling - inside and out.

Underwater caverns, creatures and villages, as well as brand new areas and places to explore the mark the landscape of Kryta. Even in lands that are well known to the players, we wanted to add new locations, and new vistas to explore. These new, swimmable areas provide us with amazing opportunities to do just that.

From strong initial designs to fine craftsmanship of final game assets. Guild Wars always strives for high - quality art. However, we never aim for absolute realism. Instead the key is to create a believable world. Theses creatures are not ones you will find in any zoo, but their anatomical design, textural materials, and animation sets are based on real living animals. Anchoring the fantastic in familiarity lends credibility and, ultimately, fosters player immersion.

As humans are pushed back from Ascalon and other areas, they are forced into wilderness areas held by ferocious tribes of centaurs.

We wanted to create an environment in Kryta that had a lot of roughness and a feeling of wilderness. Much like frontier America, the tribal centaurs are being displaced by the press of human civilization.

Reverence of the Six Gods - Dwayna, Balthazar, Grenth, Melandu, Lyssa and Kormir - still constitutes a major part if human society. Where other races worship differently, or deny gods altogether, humanity still reveres their patrons and calls upon them in their hour of need.

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