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Once the dominant species of Tyria, the humans have not fared well in the last few years. Their Kingdoms, once spanning the entire continent, lie in ruins, leaving only Kryta. As the charr threat waned, an even more deadly one, that of the Elder Dragons, has threatened the very existence of the human race.

Originally appearing either in Cantha or south of Cantha[1], the humans moved north and forced other species, such as the forgotten, into obscurity. A force to be reckoned with, the humans soon established a grip over the northern continents of Tyria and Elona. When contact was lost from Cantha due to Zhaitan's fleets and Elona subjugated to Palawa Joko's iron fist, humanity's numbers have dwindled.

The human capital, the fortress city Divinity's Reach, is the core of humanity's culture and its last, best hope. It is the only major human city left, and for this reason they will guard it to the death. Ruled by Queen Jennah, the Krytan government has had to adapt to accommodate refugees from all of the former human kingdoms.

The only other known human settlement is Ebonhawke, where the remains of Ascalon stubbornly hold out against the charr hordes.

The humans still revere their Gods, however they have been worryingly absent in human affairs at a time when humanity needs them more than ever. Perhaps they have taken a step back to allow the humans to develop on their own, or maybe they, like the race that worships them, are in decline.

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Playing as a human

A human character will begin the game in Divinity's Reach. During character creation, players may select a background choice from the following:

A character can also choose his greatest regret from options including: a dead sister; never knowing one's parents, or; a missed opportunity to join the circus. They can also choose which god blessed them. These background choices will affect the character's personal story in different ways, but not his/her fighting ability.[2]

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