Kylong Plains (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Kylong Plains
Quest Series
Starting ZoneKylong Plains
Rec. Levels68 to 72
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

Be sure to start with the series initiated by Borbin Happens, as this is the access series for the sokokar mount stations. If you are an adventurer under level 65, but a 65 or higher crafter, you may see his assistant Jones instead.

Game Update #52
Monument and Might
June 16, 2009
For the beginning of the new Order of Rime series, see Kilur Beardback at Dreg's Landing.

Dreg's Landing

City Tasks

The following NPCs can be found here, representing their cities and seeking adventurers to complete daily, repeatable tasks for them. The tasks will change as your level increases.

Sokokar Access for Adventurers

With GU56 you no longer need the sokokar in your inventory to use the stations.
Borbin Happens

  1. Cutting Your Teeth by Cutting Theirs (68) - Kill: 24 drolvarg scavengers
  2. A Watchful Eye (69) - Release An Essarr Hawk near Karnor's Castle
  3. My Enemy's Enemy (69) - Speak with the hill giant, Hrodryr
  4. Lynchpin's Abduction (70) - Rescue the sokokar, Lynchpin, from the drolvarg.
  5. Here in my Sokokar I Feel Safest of All (70) - Fly Lynchpin to Teren's Grasp and talk to Stewlin Vincent to get your very own pet sokokar!

Sokokar Access for Crafters

With GU56 you no longer need the sokokar in your inventory to use the stations.

  1. Fangs Away! (68) - Make 1000 arrows from Drolvargfangs
  2. An Eye in the Sky (69) - Release an Essarr hawk near Karnor's Castle
  3. Sticking My Ore In (69) - Make a bunch of imbued ore
  4. Preparations for the Rescue (70) - Make 3 chain cutters
  5. Is It Good News? (70) - Speak to Stewlin Vincent in Teren's Grasp

New for Game Update 52

Game Update #52
Monument and Might
June 16, 2009

Kilur Beardback

  1. Nosy Invaders (68) - Kill Order of Rime Pillagers
  2. Steel Scavenging (70) - Obtain 40 pieces of Drolvarg steel from Drolvarg snarlers, gnashers and others near Karnor's Castle.
  3. Connect the Dots (71) - Follow and dispatch the Rime Scouts until you find their base.
  4. Beardback's Hit List (71, repeatable) - Kill 5 of the Rime officers (shardhammers)

Beth and Mosi are unlocked when you complete Nosy Invaders.

Mosi Panthira

  1. One Man's Garbage (70) - Obtain the personal effects of 8 Order of Rime pillagers
  2. Papers Please (71) - Steal maps, letters and notes from The Order of Rime camp.
  3. Warn the Rilissians (71) - Warn the first Rilisian captain you meet in Fens of Nathsar

Beth Littlefort

  1. Steal Them Back! (70) - Find and steal 2 Frostruned weapons
    • There is a brief cooldown after this quest before she will offer the next one.
  2. Break the Ice (71) - Sabotage 6 weapons racks in The Order of Rime camp
  3. Chilled to the Bones (72, repeatable) - Hunt fractured shardbone skeletons

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Grush McSearrin

  1. Stupid Drachnids (68) - Kill: 8 Drachnids and find 1 drachnid poison sac
  2. Stupid Poisoned Lake (68) - Use the Sampling Jug to get a water sample from Ryjesium Lake.
  3. Smart Help! (69) - Take the samples to Joren Verkent
  4. Ryjesium Reactive Powder (69) Kill: hillock giants in the mountains north of Dreg's Landing for 8 samples of the powder they carry.
  5. Stupid Grush (69) - Tell Grush McSearrin that Joren has a counter agent for the contamination.
  6. Decontamination (69) - Use Joren's counter agent in Ryjesium Lake

Iksar Artifacts

Zeliss Vrang

  1. The Lakeshore Ruins (68) - Collect: 6 iksar relics
  2. Thieving Scavengers (68) - Kill: drolvarg scavengers for 8 relics
  3. Waterlogged Artifacts (68) - Collect: 3 iksar artifacts in Ryjesium Lake.

Doing Business

Trader Walworth

  1. Skins of a Warrior (68) - Kill: drolvargs for skins
  2. Threads of a Noble (69) - Kill: drachnids for silk
  3. Descamus' Delivery (69) - Deliver a package to Trader Descamus in Teren's Grasp

Drachnid Research

Charleston Gnomegomery - Unlocked by The Curious Badge

  1. The Curious Badge (69) - Item Triggered: Find a strange badge on a corpse at the bottom of Ryjesium Lake
  2. Continuing Research (69) - Kill: drachnids for specific drops
  3. Power! (69) - Retrieve: the power train controller from his brother's suit
  4. Research (69) - Get light readings from 6 drachnids
  5. The Agent's Mission Case (70) - Retrieve: mission case from a corpse in the Den of the Widow Mistress

Deputy Gorelong

  1. Delivery for Mr. Corscrag (72) - Deliver the orders to Ebet Corscrag in front of Karnor's Castle

Hawt Cuisine

Tszuij Adawhi

  1. A Discerning Palate (75) - Speak with Goddin Ratsachak in Teren's Grasp
  2. Spicy Shissar Roll (80) - Gather ingredients for Goddin
  3. Krunchy Kunzar Roll (83) - Gather ingredients for Goddin

Each City also has one or more Writ givers at Dreg's Landing. See Rise of Kunark City Tasks for a complete list.


Examine corpse on the ground at 878, 35, -496

Teren's Grasp

Gauwren Tarix

  1. Ryjesium Leeks (68) - Gathering: 6 Ryjesium Leeks
  2. Warm Skins, Fat Bellies (69) - Kill: 7 snow badgers
  3. A Missing Friend (69) - Find Caleb Swifttoe
  4. Blast This Place (69) - Speak to Moorha Tildaelaela
  5. Residual Ether (69) - Use: the ether siphon to gather ether from the 4 pylons
  6. Caleb's Rest (69) - Use: the residual ether projector on Caleb's zombie, then speak to Gauwren Tarix.
  7. Heavy News (70) - Speak to Drobbs Swifttoe at Brakthyr's Post

Trader Descamus - in the Arcane Refuge
Pre-requisite: Descamus' Delivery from Trader Walworth at Dreg's Landing

  1. Descamus' Payment: Yeti Skins (69) - Kill: 8 Yeti for their skins
  2. Descamus' Payment: Frightfully Cured (70) - Gathering: Collect 6 blight blossoms
  3. Descamus' Payment (70) - Deliver Trader Descamus' payment to Trader Walworth in Dreg's Landing

Brenda Thoon
Pre-requisite: Mission Complete (final quest of primary series at Kunzar's Edge

  1. Traigia Hothkin at the Highton (68) - Travel to Highton on the western rim of the Gash of T'Thelin and speak to Traigia Hothkin

Taskmaster Greeblentus

Dwombo Twiggler

  1. Taking a Risk for Dwombo (71) - Release a geobot in the Fens of Nathsar

Teren Rysis

  1. Killing in the Name (76 Heroic) - Kill: The vampire, Xalgoz, in Karnor's Castle


Brakthyr's Post

Basher Malgon

  1. Catch of the Day (70) - Fishing: Kunzar Snappers from Omen's Churn
  2. A Dangerous Sale (70) - Meet Merchant Taelyrrk in the Sathirian fishing village
  3. Retrieval of Goods (70) - Collect: 5 crates of stolen goods in the Sathirian fishing village
  4. The Island Fortress of Varis (70) - Release An Essarr Hawk near Varis
  5. Smell the Magic (70) - Find the Sathirian enchanters and use the Arcanic Sniffer near them
  6. An Important Delivery (70) - Takes you to Kunzar's Edge to Hraen Vutha

Gillin Henry

  1. The Broken Toe Goblins (69) - Kill: Broken Toe goblins for the powder they carry
  2. Toenail of Wyvern? (69) - Kill: wyverns until I get a suitable toenail, then grind it
  3. Testing a Theory (69) - Throw this pouch of dust on a Broken Toe goblin and see what happens

Lanyir Dirin

  1. A Hulking Profit (69) - Kill: hulking brutes for pelts

Grimma Fren

  1. A Meat Fit for Kings (70) - Kill: Wyverns

Kunzar's Edge

Hroar Kalacious

  1. The Gra'al Shul (70) - Kill: 12 Gra'al Shul iksars
  2. The Wall of Emperors (70) - Kill: 6 Gra'all Shul archaeologists
  3. Questioning Selethisk (70) - Talk to Selethisk, a Sathirian prisoner.
  4. Project Xakhiz (71) - Kill: 4 coercers and capture a coerced mudfin
  5. Breaking it Down (71) - Take the alchemical kits to Fillzer Faramant
  6. A Necessary Component for Fillzer (71) - Fillzer Faramant asks you to gather 5 Mudcorpse Mushrooms
  7. Return to Hroar (71) - Take the antidote back to Hroar
  8. The Test (71) - Test the antidote on the fishman you brought to Hroar
  9. Crippling Gra'al Shul (72) - Taint the Gra'al Shul alchemy lab and kill 3 Gra'al Shul alchemists
  10. Mission Complete (72) - Travel to Teren's Grasp and speak to Brenda Thoon

Hraen Vutha - Pre-requisite: An Important Delivery

  1. A New Pet (70) - Gather:a baby leech from a ravenous leech
  2. The Meeting (70) - Give the forged letter to Ishka
  3. The Hardest Part (70) - Wait for Ishka to contact me
  4. Ambushing the Arcanist (70) - Use the anchor to summon the arcanist and take his beacon!
  5. Execution (70) - Use the Beacon to travel to Varis, throw the sticky beacon at a Sathirian and return

Hilbraega Stoutmun

  1. Gra'al Shul Bounty (70) - Kill: 6 Gra'al Shul iksars for their heads
  2. Challenge Rock (72) - Kill: 30 Drolvarg, then challenge their leader and kill him.
  3. Showdown at Gra'al Shul Temple (73) - Kill: "Cure" the coerced mudfin and kill Velga Thenn


Germa Prash

  1. Queue's Data (71) - Speak to Queue and get his data
  2. Keep Your Enemies Closer (71) - Use the tagger to tag Spudtop, Chilzerrn the Sly and Poogs
  3. Spudtop's Request (71) - Poison the tankard of Spudtop's rival in Keratun Hold
  4. Di'zok Intelligence (72) - Go talk to Queue
  5. Di'zok Intelligence: Queue's Plan (72) - Use the tagger to tag one of the couriers
  6. Queue's Blyzurite (72) - Gathering: 6 blyzurite speckled ore in the Wurm Caverns
  7. Final Retrieval (72) - Find the Di'zok intelligence package

Traigia Hothkin

  1. The Ember Hive (71) - Kill: 10 ember wasps
  2. Wax? (70) - Gathering: 5 samples from ember wax
  3. So, Wax? (72) - Enter one of the hives and find the source of the wax
  4. No Ember Hornet (72) - Use the goggles to examine the specimen in the box
  5. Strange Creatures (73) - Find 3 of these strange creatures
  6. An Important Package (72) - Return to Teren's Grasp and deliver one of the creatures to Warden Glendrala


  1. Borgil's Hot Wings (71) - Kill: ember wasps for a set of wings
    • Grants you the use of his mailbox

Joolin Verk

  1. A Poisonous Encounter (70) - Kill: 5 flesh feeders for saliva samples
  2. A Different Poisonous Encounter (72) - Kill: 5 flesh fiends for saliva samples

Gwalnax Brigade Tower

See dull kromslayer and The Gwalnax Brigade for info on how to gain initial faction with The Gwalnax Brigade. Once your faction is -5000 you may proceed with the following quests.

Battle Master Dolak

  1. Leave No Di'Zok Behind (65) - Retrieve the spirits of Dolak's lost soldiers
  2. In Honor of Restoration (84 Heroic) - Help Dolak restore his lost soldiers as golems

Warlord Gadar Gwalnax

  1. Clearing the Entryway (76) - Kill: 4 battlers and 2 veterans in the entryway of Chardok
  2. The Maelstrom Below (77 Heroic) - Summon Ra'Tsinis in The Wind Chamber of Chardok and destroy him
  3. Into the Aerodrome (78 Heroic) - Kill: 4 Bathezid sentries and an officer, and destroy 3 totems in the Aerodrome. Unlocks Tack and Feed.
  4. The Bathezid Barracks (79 Heroic) - Kill: an officer and gather parade armor from the Barracks of Bathezid
  5. The Rhino Spy (80 Heroic) - Find what became of Grukus and help him complete his mission.
  6. The Gift of Korucust (83 Heroic) - Kill: Korucust inside The Court of Korucust

Skyrider Tosuj

  1. Tack and Feed (78 Heroic) - Collect lariats, rhino feed, sokokar water and grimecrawler roe inside Chardok
  2. Keeping the Stone Man Down (80 Heroic) - Destroy the Nak'azar Titan
  3. Preparing for Take Off (82 Heroic) - Kill: an officer, destroy totems and commit sabotage at The Crossbridge Tower in Nak'azar Cavern

Dragoon Slitek

  1. Nectar of the Villisis (80 Heroic) - Obtain ingredients to make a Sarnak soporific
  2. Sneak, Snatch and Snuff (85 Heroic) - Retrieve some valuable items from The Caroeth Barracks and assassinate an officer

Item Triggered

All of these quests are started by examining an item that drops from a mob, or examining an interactive object in this zone. Some of these are also listed above where they intersect a known series.

Collection Quests


Thuuga Quest Series


  1. A Fistful of Metal (70) - Perform tasks for Grave and Drazden
  2. For a Few Coins More (75) - Protect your good name
  3. An Ugly Bounty (75) - Bring a thief to justice

Inside Karnor's Castle

Ebet Corscrag

  1. The Water Carries the Sound (73 Heroic) - Eavesdrop on the drolvarg in Karnor's Castle
  2. A Sister's Folly (73 Heroic) - Find Xenloo's sister

Xvenloo Ghox

  1. Drolvarg Observation (73 Heroic) - Catalog: various types of Drolvarg inside Karnor's Castle
  2. Captivating Prose (73 Heroic) - Read Commander Jorah's journal

Lore and Legend Quests

Language Quests

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