Moors of Ykesha (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Moors of Ykesha
Quest Series
Starting ZoneMoors of Ykesha
Rec. Levels74 to 80
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

Moors of Ykesha POIs (top)
Moors of Ykesha POIs (bottom)
Before you get started, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the general layout of the zone and the locations of the major hubs and other points of interest.
The Moors of Ykesha is the only new overland zone in the 2008 expansion, The Shadow Odyssey. The quests here start at level 76 and go as high as 85. There is solo and artisan content, as well as Heroic content in the Shadow Odyssey Missions series.

IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING!!! Do NOT use a Gnomecannon while mounted on a Glider mount! The mounts glide flaps will slow the speed of the barrel and drop you short of the safety netting (you will fall off the cliff)! Always dismount before activating the mechanism! And, as always, please keep all appendages inside the barrel until the ride has come to a complete stop!

Signature Quests

The Shadow Odyssey

  1. Prologue:
  2. The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 1: Come Sail Away
  3. The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 2: The Gods Must Be Crazy
  4. The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 3: Veilbreaker Down
  5. The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 4: History Repeating
  6. The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 5: Breaking the Chains
  7. The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 6: The Guns of Brokenskull


Survival Accord - Trolls, Frogloks and Gnomes that work together to survive in this shadow-tainted land.

Clan Grobb - The Trolls of Grobb.

Guktan Guard - The Frogloks of Tupta.

Enemy Factions

The following factions cannot be permanently improved but you may find items along the way that will, for a time, make them "think" you are a friend!

Nuknok Clan - The Boarfiends.

Clan Brokenskull - Troll pirates.

Dropship Landing Zone

  • The Airship will return you to The Sinking Sands
  • The Moors Druid Ring is at 1757, 448, 974
  • Take the Upper Dropzone Gnomecannon to get from the Dropship Landing Zone to U.J.L. 1.0..
  • Ulteran Spire: 1767.14,452.63,734.90

Ember Tizzlespring

  1. A Cannon to Sail By (76)
  2. Missing Crew... and Ship Parts (76)
  3. The Signal (76)
  4. The Missing Link (77)
  5. Boosting the Signal (77)
  6. Assistance for Firmroot (78) - travel to Firmroot Moot

Kali Hodpodge

  1. Carried Away in the Wind (76)
  2. Distributing Tasks (76)
  3. A Wrench in the Plans (76)

Wayth Bitsnbobs

  1. Hail, Fair Reptiles! (76)
  2. Purchasing Metal (76)
  3. Rummaging for Salve (76)
  4. Gnomish Keepsakes (76) - unlocks quests from Shaman Zaz'i'zaz and Ranger Zim'za'ai southeast of the U.J.L.

Dirby Umbridge

  1. Unique Appendages (75)
  2. Unique Flyers (76)
  3. Unique Opportunity (76)
  4. Unique Alloys (76)

Ragheejb Yasir
See Shadow Odyssey Missions

Amelia Bogstrutter

Tradeskill Quests

Aymee Quickspoke
These quests will scale to your Adventuring level, but require a minimum crafting level of 50, and serve as your introduction to all the Far Seas liaisons in the zone as well as gaining the initial Far Seas Supply Division faction you need to be able to do the rest of the Shadow Odyssey Tradeskill Missions.

  1. Ship Out - Tradeskill Faction

Heritage Quests

Shiny Metallic Robe

  1. Trail to the Past
  2. The Broken Pen
  3. A Gnomish Master Plan

City Tasks

Moors of Ykesha City Tasks are available to characters level 76 and up.

See The Shadow Odyssey City Tasks

U.J.L. 1.0

  • The Lower Dropzone Gnomecannon at 1401, 406, 694 will take you up to the Dropship Landing Zone.


  1. Sow the Seed of Destiny (77)
  2. A Stinky Suit (77)
  3. Cultural Differences (77)
  4. A Nuknok Delicacy (77)
  5. An Unwelcome Task (77)
  6. End Processing (76)


Language quests: These quests may be done concurrently. Each of these languages will be required for you to complete at least one other quest in this zone.

The following quests become available after you complete Gnomish Keepsakes.

Shaman Zaz'i'zaz

  1. Taking Inventory (76)
  2. Scrapping for Scrap Metal (76)
  3. Fangs for the Assistance (76)
  4. Retrieving the Artifact (78 Heroic)

Ranger Zim'za'ai

  1. Soko-Flee (76)
  2. Knock the Nuknok (76)
  3. Putting A Spin On The Matter (76)
  4. Rust Buckets (76)
  5. Cod, That Was Horrible (76)

Firmroot Moot


The following require the completion of Ship Out and give +5000 with Survival Accord.
  1. Firmroot Moot Meet (70) - Mug will not show a feather for this quest.
  2. Survival Concerns (70)

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Survival Accord Faction Quests

The Following quests will all give +1200 faction with the Survival Accord.

Lucius Vandermarr

Hop Wrenchwit

Shaman Skullcleave

Fip Marrsquire

  1. Suspiciously Sokokar-ish (79)
  2. To Be Tagged, or Not to be Tagged (79)
  3. Soko-What? (79)
    1. Prove Ye Be a Swabber! (79)
    2. Complete 4 sub-quests:
  4. A Higher Purpose (79)
    1. Complete 4 sub-quests:

Captain Lip Marrsquire

  1. Where Has the Gip Gone? (79)
  2. Who Dun It? (79)
  3. Bringing War to the Warlord (79)
  4. Mummy and Poppy Marrsquire (79)

Survival Accord Daily Supply Tasks Mission Group

See Survival Accord Faction Missions

Firmroot Moot Missions

See Shadow Odyssey Missions for quests in:

The Ruins of Guk

The following quests are all Heroic and, while obtained in Firmroot Moot, take place in the various instances of The Ruins of Guk. Because of this, most of them are also listed in The Ruins of Guk Quest Series.

Halls of the Fallen

Gurlig Valorheart

  1. Heroes Honored (80 Heroic)
  2. Legacy of the Curse (80 Heroic)
  3. The Stone of Legend (80 Heroic)

Muktop Quickpage

Glipta Proudhunt

Gopton Braveheart

The Lower Corridors

Historian Gluppin

Ykesha's Outer Stronghold




Guktan Guard Faction Quests

Urp Brightblade

  1. Endear Oneself to Tupta (78)
Varick Stoutheart the following require the completion of Ship Out and give +5000 with Guktan Guard
  1. Termite Troubles, Part I
  2. Termite Troubles, Part II
  3. Termite Troubles, Part III
  4. Termite Troubles, Part IV

Tiptup Strongheart - each of the following quests will improve your standing with Guktan Guard by 2000.

  1. Homage on Ancestral Grounds (79)
  2. You may now perform a task for each of the 4 ghosts:
  3. Return to Tiptup Strongheart for a "thank you", and a final gift.

Merza Valorarm - each of the following quests will improve your standing with Guktan Guard by 2000.

  1. A Curious Sort of Patient (79)
  2. No Guts, No Healing (79)
  3. Clinical Trials for Trees (79)
  4. Deliver the Guts (79)

Tupta Missions

See Tupta Faction Missions


Clan Grobb Faction Quests

Nurtza Skullcrusher - at the entrance to Grobb. This quest will give you +10,000 faction with Clan Grobb; enough to let anyone into the city to get the rest of the quests.

  1. Making an Ally of Grobb (78)

Grunty - each of the following quests will increase your faction with Clan Grobb by 2000.

  1. Over the Hills and Far Away (79)
  2. Ramble On (79)
  3. Communication Breakdown (79)
  4. Bring It On Home (79)

Groluk <Gator Wrangler> - each of the following quests will increase your faction with Clan Grobb by 2000.

  1. Gator Snacks (79)
  2. Bleach the Leech (79)
  3. The Egg Harvest (79)
  4. The Walking Billboard (79)
  5. Gator Infestation (79)
  6. Sharp of Tooth, Long of Tail (79)


Grobb Missions

See Grobb Faction Missions

The Overlook

Alden Strongaxe

  1. Midday Perk (76)

The Shadowed Cleft

Lieutenant Fella

  1. No Bites for New Recruits (79)
  2. Poor Unfortunate Sifters (79)
  3. A Fishy Population Balance (79)

Grandpa Krill

  1. Getting Inked (79)
  2. Grandpa Hates Sharks! (79)
  3. The Allure of Fishing Lures (79 Heroic)

Vip Gloryshield

  1. Frying Small Fish (80)
  2. Strike the Strikers (80) - from Swaggerin' Grakk at Salty Sail Port
  3. Agents All About (80) - Nezzin Ribraker at Gunthak's Shanty
  4. A Rat's a Rat's a Rat (80)

General Rattamus Munsk

  1. Grains for Gluttons (79) - Wear the disguise you got from A Rat's a Rat's a Rat
  2. Shaking up the Place (79)
  3. Undoing the Damage
  4. The Roaches Come In...

Klip Marrsquire

  1. Fruit of the Sea (80)
  2. Spice It Up (80)
  3. Fish and Eggs? (80)
  4. Something in the Water (82)

Butcher Sog

  1. The Wing's the Thing (80)
  2. Ocean Delicacies (80)
  3. An Exotic Ykeshan Specialty (80)
  4. Secret Spices (80)

Chipp the Thinker
Prerequisite: A Fishy Population Balance

  1. Frozen Out of Time (83)

Tillage Patch


  1. Culling the Corruption (80)
  2. Starve them Out (80)
  3. The Case of the Missing Fungus (80)
  4. Give it a Rest (80)


  1. Vile Strider No More (79)
  2. Corpses Galore (79)


  1. Vile Crystals (79)

Salty Sail Port

Captain Azhub

Salty Jotz

Brokenskull Rock

Tradeskill Tasks

Lore & Legend


  • Vengeance for the Fallen - examine a skeleton on the smaller ruddyshell tortoise island at -2256,-1064,725 to start

Collection Quests

The Shadow Odyssey Moors of YkeshaMissionsFaction MissionsTradeskill MissionsQuest Series

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