Frostfang Sea (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Frostfang Sea
Quest Series
Starting ZoneFrostfang Sea
Rec. Levels1 to 20
Next Butcherblock Mountains
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

Upon the Frostfang Sea is Erollis Isle, home to New Halas, the city blessed by Mithaniel Marr. Newcomers take on a pilgrimage to New Halas, a place of new beginnings amongst the barbarians and the worshipers of Marr.


These achievements are exclusive to Frostfang Sea.

Pilgrims' Landing

Pilgrims' Landing is a small encampment near Erollis Isle. The pilgrims here are assisting those shipwrecked by the savage Ry'Gorr and are willing to prepare you for the journey that lies ahead.

Galinda Goodfaith

Yasha Redblade

  1. Stonefist's Art of Combat (1)
  2. Call to Arms (2)
  3. Boatload of Work (3)
  4. Flame On! (4)
  5. Ride Upon the Gwenevyn ll (4) - sends you to speak to Wregan Firebeard at Gwenevyn's Cove

Arrin Clelland

  1. Crustose Removal (2)
  2. Repelling Little Critters (3)
  3. Scraggly Foodstuffs (2)
  4. Frigid Fishing (3)

Trainer Hawk Dunlop

Bull the Crafty

Gwenevyn's Cove

Gwenevyn's Cove is the next stop on the pilgrimage to New Halas. It is located on the northern side of Erollis Isle.

Wregan Firebeard

  1. Beets the Alternative (5)

Verien Skysigh

  1. Sifting Through the Grizzly Garbage (6)
  2. Pilgrim Pathfinder (7)
  3. Pilgrim Scout (8)
  4. Pilgrim Pelts (9)
  5. The Icemanes Cometh (9)

Blorpisa Bogchild

  1. Arcane Elements (5)
  2. Bear Bottoms (6)
  3. Cod and Chips (7)
  4. An Essential Ingredient (8)
  5. Field Testing (9)
  6. Field Testing Part Two (9)

Flibbit Quagmarr

  1. An Unbearable Problem (6)
  2. Little Lost Froglok (6)
  3. The Absent Effigy (8)
  4. Bartering Crystals (9)
  5. Pelted (9)
  6. To The Great Shelf! (10) - Only available after completing all of Flibbit's and Verien's quests. Sends you to The Great Shelf.

The Great Shelf

The Great Shelf is a large ice shelf that makes up the western portion of Erollis Isle. Most locals to this area can be found inside a small cave where they keep a close eye on the Ry'Gorr.

Dolur Axebeard

  1. The Glimmer Orc (10) - unlocks Rakan's quests
  2. A Murky Miasma of a Mystery (10)
  3. A Scattering of Ashes (11)
  4. Totem Annihilation (11)
  5. Calling Them Back (12)
  6. The Gauntlet (13)
  7. Off to the Ossuary (13)
  8. Severing the Head (14)
  9. The Nightmare is Over (15) - sends you to Tad Ironstein at Cragged Spine

Belka Thunderheart

  1. Displaced and Discouraged (10) unlocks Rakan's quests
  2. Reclaiming Their Honor (11)
  3. 'Tis Most Unnatural (12)
  4. Pouring One Out for My Skellies (12)
  5. No Substitute for Shard Work (12)
  6. Tackling the Basilisks (14)
  7. Domestication is the New Survivalism (14)
  8. Report to Cragged Spine (15) - sends you to Tad Ironstein at Cragged Spine

Rakan Rockbreaker

  1. The Demand for Supplies (10)
  2. Foiling the Flank (10)

Blorpisa Bogchild

  1. Weapon of Choice (12)
  2. Disarming the Ry'Gorr (12)
  3. Perfectly Missing (13)
  4. The Last Ingredient (13)

Battlepriest Herga

  1. Loosening Their Grip (11)
  2. The Charge (11)
  3. The Siege is Not Over (12)
  4. Forsaking the Grave (13)
  5. All That Remains (14)

Cragged Spine

The Cragged Spine is found south of The Great Shelf on Erollis Isle. The locals here are in constant turmoil with the Ry'Gorr orcs.

Totem of the Iceclad Manta
Totem of the Iceclad Manta
During Thirin's quest series, you are sent underwater and given a 5 charge enduring breath totem. He eventually moves to the underwater cave while the rest of the quest givers remain up top. If you need another totem while continuing the other quests in this area, there is an interactable rock where you first find Thirin. You can only see if you don't already possess a totem. Click on that rock ( 292,47,175 ) to receive another totem.

Thirin Veliumdelver

  1. Nothing To Waste (15)
  2. Roughing Up The Reinforcements (16)
  3. Through Thine Eyes (16)
  4. Below The Frozen Waves (17)
  5. Ry'Gorr Mining Operations (18)
  6. A Good Distraction (19)
  7. Sleetfoot Search Party (19)
  8. Seeking Elemental Education (19) - sends you to Torli at the White Lodge

Hillfred Kinloch

  1. Blood Spilled for the Blade Maiden (15)
  2. Skulls for the Taking (16)
  3. Green Mystery (17)
  4. Fewer Orcs to Worry About (18)
  5. Geode Caching (19)

Odon Scourgeson - available after completing Nothing to Waste.

  1. Whirling Ice Time (15)
  2. Highly Flammable Materials (16)
  3. Campside Spores (17)
  4. Ry'Gorr Tool Taking (18)
  5. Watch Out Below! (19)

Knut Orcbane - available after completing Nothing to Waste.

  1. Impish Threats (15)
  2. Clan of the Cave Imps (15)
  3. Mystery on the Orc Iceberg (16)
  4. Becoming Another Orcbane (17)
  5. Flawless Core Chore (18)
  6. Sometimes You Feel Like a Knut (18)

White Lodge

The White Lodge is a small resting spot before the final ascent to New Halas.

Torli Blackbow

  1. Nap Time for Evigis (20)

Brogan MacLellan

  1. Trust Issues (20)
  2. Trusted Referral (20)

Note: This small series will send you to Butcherblock Mountains to continue levelling up and start The Golden Path.

Naiish Wulfrage - (City Tasks for levels 10-20)

  1. New Halas: Mantas in Deep Water (13)
  2. New Halas: Up to Icy Nonsense (15)
  3. New Halas: Bad Ice Fishing (17)
  4. New Halas: Frozen Meal (19)

New Halas

New Halas is home to the barbarians and the worshipers of Marr. Locals here are working on building a new life and welcome travelers with open arms.

Ribbit Hopson

Olga Macleod

Ravens' Roost

The Ravens' Roost is home to the Ravens of the North, a local society of crafters, as well as the housing area of New Halas.

Warden Bretta

Alice Swamprunner

Erollis Dock

The Erollis Dock of New Halas is a port of world travel with destinations spanning all over Norrath.

Barker Gordon


Yellow Collections

Red Collections

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