Rift Mob:Ashcaller Zael  

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Ashcaller Zael, Caduceus Rise, Ash Choked Pass

at unknown coordinates

Expert Lower Caduceus Rise

  • Flame circle (GTAoE) - move out of it.
  • Unstable - BIG red circle. RUN! After, stacking debuff Simmering Rage builds unless he is washed by blue crystal.

From time to time he will spit out small pieces of himself all around him and he will shrink. These adds need to be burned down. When their health hits 0 they change color but they do not die or fall down. He will then pull them back into himself, growing back to his full size, and he will be healed by any of the adds that were not downed. The adds will shoot whatever player is closest to them, will not move, and cannot be taunted.

Tank should pick ONE add and stand on the outside of the circle to attack it. All others should be further outside so the tank is the closest player to all adds. This way the healer has only one target to heal. Move through the adds as fast as possible before Zael reabsorbs them. Repeat.



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