Rift Mob:Coalgut  

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Coalgut, Caduceus Rise, Shadow Mist Overlook

at unknown coordinates

Expert Lower Caduceus Rise

  • He casts a flame circle. Move out of it.
  • He becomes unstable. Big radius and barely enough time to run. GET OUT!
  • There are two blue crystals. Drag him to one and kill the crystal while he is in the circle. You can DPS the crystal before he reaches the circle but he MUST be inside when it dies to do any damage to him with this.

After becoming Unstable, he enrages for ~30s. The Tank must kite him from crystal to crystal so he can be frozen/slowed... each slow lasts ~15s it seems. The crystal will drop off his stacks of enrage, but NOT the enrage buff itself. Therefore, the Tank will need to position him next to each crystal by the time he hits ~6 stacks, then the group can pop the crystal and the tank can move to the next one. With moderately geared DPS, you should only encounter this phase once and likely only pop two crystals.

Easy way to pop the crystals is to have the tank start tanking him near a crystal and have one dps burn that crystal to 5-30%, after he does his unstable aoe any range dps should break the crystal to slow/freeze him, while range is doing that tank should move to the next crystal and have dps lower the next crystal low enough so that it can be broken once Coalgut is in the radius of the crystal.

Master Mode


  • Unstable, large red circle will begin to pulse from Coalgut, everyone needs to be out the radius to avoid being one shot.
  • Flame Circle, places a circle of fire on a random member deals damage if you stand in it.
  • Burning lung, he will cast this on a random player other than the tank, it will appear as a debuff with a short duration once duration is up it will deal 14k dmg to the player it is on.


The fight is pretty much the same as expert with the addition of a new ability. The easiest way to do this is burn Coalgut as hard as possible. Before Coalgut goes unstable he will cast Burning Lung on someone other than the tank, the cast bar is gold and cannot be interrupted, Burning Lung will not apply right away after he cast it will appear once he emotes Coalgut has become unstable. To deal with Burning Lung so that it does not one shot who ever has it, range and melee need to stack up right after it is casted or at least 2 people need to stack on the person with Burning Lungs, after it ticks of that player it will deal 14k damage that will split depending on the number of people stacked with the person you had it. After this is dealt with all dps needs to resume killing Coalgut ASAP, the tank needs to mount up and kite Coalgut.

If party does not have the dps to kill Coalgut by kitting refer to expert strat above with the use of crystals and take the Burning Lung debuff into consideration.

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