Rift Mob:Plutonus the Immortal  

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Plutonus has several abilities to note. That being said, this encounter is a pure coordination check for all roles.

The floor for the encounter is a hexagonal shape. Inside you will see 6 Galvanic Focci. As you begin the encounter, the lockout boundary forms just outside of these.

Inside the encounter floor, you will see 2 concentric hexagons formed by Unstable Crystals.

The tank will want to start out by tanking Plutonus in the center of the floor. All raiders should be aware that throughout the encounter, lightning will erupt from the Focci, and subsides in a given direction when it's focus is destroyed. So everyone will want to stay out of the path of this, as it will one-shot anyone. While each Gavanic Focus is targetable, you want Plutonus to take these down.

The raid will want to initially be spread out to mitigate Shocking Cipher, a chained ability which will hit a random raid member and all those nearby for 75% of their health.

Every minute or so, Plutonus will gain a shield which channels 3-4k damage each second until the shield is taken down. DPS need to focus on this, blowing cooldowns early on in the fight as necessary, before healers run out of single-target cooldowns.

There is also a cleansable fear ability named Waking Sleep, which also does minor damage. This will happen about every 30 seconds.

You will notice that Plutonus has an energy bar. If the energy bar reaches full, he will cast Demolishing Wave, which will wipe the raid. So the tank will want to kite Plutonus to a Galvanic Focus starting at around 50 to 60 percent and allow his Thunderclap to destroy the focus. You will want to wait to do this until after a Shocking Cipher, as he will cast Shattered Artifact, an instant spell dealing approvimately 3-4k damage to each member of the raid.

In order to keep coordination, you will want to find a good pattern that works for your raid as to where to move Plutonus each time you do this. Here, we have given an example. But, once again, raid leaders will want to work this out for what works for their particluar raid group and the circumstances of the fight.

The fight continues this way until 50%, at which time the walls begin to converge on the raid. At 50%, it forms a hexagon locking out the Galvanic Focci. From this point forward, a high-health DPS should be assigned to use the Unstable Crystals to take down Plutonus' energy and should have a dedicated healer. The DPS needs to remain still while using the crystal, and once done, Plutonus loses 20% energy and the raider will be hit for 11k damage over 3 seconds.

At 40% health, the walls become a trapezoid, locking out many of the crystals. So you may want to have your assignee use the farthest East and West Crystals working around the outside, as they will not be usable after 41%, and work inward as the fight progresses.

At 30%, the walls form a rectangle.

At 20%, it will form a triangle. At this point, the raid has exatly 30 seconds to down Plutonus, as the triangle will collapse on the raid. If allowed to completely collapse, this will be a wipe. DPS cooldown should be timed to be up for this.


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